How to Fix a Fade in Your Golf Swing | Golf Swing Drill

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Hi this is Jeff Crittenden, I am a current teaching pro. I am a PGA member, I just won the 2017 world long drive master’s division, with a 383 yard drive.

So today we are going to talk about cause and effect, basically a fade and a draw. My ball goes right, my goes left. Everything is controlled by the club face when you swing. If the face is open the ball goes off to the right for a right-handed golfer or a fade. The face comes in closed the ball goes left, draw, hook, right-handed golfer again. So it is all trumped by what the face is doing more than the path.

So a good drill to do if you fade the ball is, as I said your face comes in opened, we want to work on getting that face closed. So we want to exaggerate that drill. When I set up I am going to set up normal. I want you to come in with the toe leading and this is for people who fade the ball. So what I want to do is do the opposite, if you’re a fader and you can figure out how to hook it. You have solved most of your problems. You might be hooking it but if you can both you can figure out how to hit it straight.

So in a nutshell I am going to turn my hands so the face is going to be overly closed. Give it a try 5 or 10 swings on the range and see what happens. If the ball is still going right guess what, that face is still open in that swing. So you want to try and release that club even sooner in your down swing. All we are doing here is getting rid of the fade, because all fades are caused by the face being open at impact. So all we are trying to do is get it closed, for some type of fix on the golf course or right before you go, to get it from going right. Good luck, thank you.

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