How to Fix a Narrow Golf Backswing and Add Free Club Head Speed

Learn how to rotate in the backswing:

Most golfers don’t learn how to rotate properly during the backswing because they dominate the swing with their arms.

This leaves you no chance of building a powerful golf swing as you simply don’t recruit enough muscle fiber.

If your backswing is deep and you can’t figure out how to fix it, make sure you understand what core rotation really does in your backswing:

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  1. I played Monday, and I'm sure this was my problem the first 4 holes. When I focused on turning my upper body, everything came together….even my short game.

  2. Chuck I hate to say this cause it’s less fun to watch, but you’re helping people more by going into their space and seeing how we practice in our homes. You’re doing yeomans work! Much appreciated!

  3. This is still a work in progress. I now have a much wider arc and keep the club more in front, but I'm not there yet. Every week I feel better about my swing completing hundreds of reps, sometimes having to back up, regroup and sometimes start over because I'm not doing everything correctly. The latest was completely setting my wrists during the 5' to perfect back swing, which is wrong. Your wrists should still be unhinged when you get to the top. They only hinge completely as you transition. My fault. I also have started over on the takeaway drills as 35 years of swinging behind my body instead of keeping everything in front is an extremely hard habit to break. Many thanks to Chuck for this visit, and to Craig Morrow as he continues to patiently help me. I'm just hard headed enough to keep going until I get it. Advise to the west coast students: Do the reps BEFORE he gets there and you'll be way ahead. I wish I had started at the beginning instead of thinking I already had the basics mastered. Wrong. Thank you very much Chuck. I am very impressed by your knowledge and your sincere kindness. EDIT: This video also is motivating me to GO ON A DIET!