How to FIX being STUCK in your golf swing DRIVER | Be Better Golf | Blocks and Hooks

This video is about Anti Stuck!

ATLANTA Be Better GOlf School! Aug 18 & 19 2018

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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  1. I sway top body off ball and I think that's why I get stuck which makes me flatter and pushes, I'm now thinking of left shoulder leaning down and left of ball which does opposite of pushes hooks then I just rotate shoulders/arms throw and up

  2. Totally agree with the block drill/feedback tools…I use driver exclusively with the noodle – when I feel good with it (not hitting the noodle), I hit one or two away from the station; if they go well, then I go to an iron – if I hit nothing but drivers, I notice it out on the course…my iron play suffers.