How to Fix Your Golf Swing Lag and Weak Release
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How to Fix Your Golf Swing Lag and Weak Release

If you’re not getting the distance that you know you should, then it’s time to work on your lag and release.

There are several myths I often hear that destroy distance and cause horrible shots, so we’ve added a new faults/fixes section to specifically address them.

There are 2 new videos and 16 other videos in the Losing Lag and Weak Release category.

In the new Intro and Overview videos, I’ll show you bad examples of lag and release.

Of course, I’ll then show you the correct way to lag and release by analyzing the swings of Tiger, Adam Scott, and other pros.

You’ll find out:

1. The somewhat surprising role your wrists play,
2. How your takeaway influences casting in the downswing, and
3. How holding your lag too long causes disastrous shots.

This Losing Lag and Weak Release fault/fix section is designed to improve your technique and to bomb your shots down the middle.

Check out the new Intro and Overview videos now to identify what’s wrong with your lag and release and start fixing it today!

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  1. I see his hands really elevated and his left hand has remained straight from the backswing to after impact.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video and clearing up a huge misconception. I struggled with holding the lag for quite a while, it simply does not work. 

  3. I joined, best thing I have done for my swing. I have had lessons by three different PGA instructors, each pretty much set me up for more lessons.

  4. There seems to be a problem with hitting the link to see the full video.  I am a subscribed member or Rotary Swing.  Thanks….

  5. I'm still curious as to why all RST examples with tour players show the correct movement using a DRIVER, but all of your videos utilize an IRON? The driver is definitely a different swing due to the length of the shaft, so would be great to see your instructions using said club – especially where lag is concerned to get distance.

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