In this weeks Impact Show Me and My Golf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you how the best players in the world generate so much speed with what seems like an effortless golf swing.

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  1. I've developed a pretty good temp and iron strike with all clubs 6 and up. When i begin to use my 5 to 3 I struggle to continue hitting consistently. What should I adjust to make sure I maintain a good swing with my 6-PW and master the 3-5 as well

  2. well the feel when going through the motions, i believe is very important, we feel more then what we see when swinging, i would like to hear from you guys more about how it feels, what are we to expect when we swing, how does it feel?, even just standing there at the ball before the back swing, i try and try and try, and ive gotten better, but, i still loose aspects of the swing that im trying to practice towards and my progress is not consistent, kinda feels like im not progressing at all, can be frustrating tbh, i would like to know what i am to feel when im going through the motion of a proper swing, muscle memory is very important, and i would like my mind to know how it feels in order to remember, it would help a lot!, if i can notice when im doing something wrong, i don't have money for a camera that records in good quality @ high frames for a slow display of my swing, nor do i always have someone there to tell me if ive done something wrong, to feel is important, i believe we all would benefit from knowing how it feels.

  3. Cracking video lads will particularly help me with getting swing in right order ie lower body shift before releasing the arms downwards

  4. Hey guys my name is Tyler I'm from TN. I really enjoy watching your videos on YouTube they've helped me out a lot! Quick question I have been on the golf team all 4 years I've always been a good player but I struggle to shoot in the high 30's and mid 70's. My average score is about 41 on 9 and 82 on 18. I've watched stuff on mental toughness and have been practicing very hard but still struggle any tips??

  5. What is the difference between firing your hips too early in the golf swing and what you are advocating? So many golfing professionals discuss having your arms pulling your body. What am I missing?

  6. I would really like to see some videos on the longer/lower lofted irons. I have no problem striking them and getting desired distance, but i have trouble shaping them. Great video guys. keep em coming

  7. I'm Going to practice this tomorrow thanks so much for this video I tend to rush my downswing and rotate my hips instead of shifting weight then rotate can't wait to try this tomorrow at the range

  8. I'd love to see some putting drills and chipping drills. Help me practice with purpose!