How to Get more Clubhead speed with Tony Luczak, PGA at the Be Better Golf School

At the end of this video the drill Tony is prescribing is

10 Balls a day, swing as fast as you can.
Simple, but it will make you longer.

99% of our schools are one on one instruction and important gamification (quickest way to get better) but sometimes when people have a group question Tony addresses the group like this.
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  1. I seriously don't agree with the driving tip swing back faster!! I would suggest to work on timing more than speed. Timing generates speed & power. I watch many a video where guys hardly look like they are swinging the club fast at all then there track man stats show a swing speed of 110mph+. I look like I'm way out of control when trying to swing quicker when in fact I'm only getting 95-98mph swing speed. I find if I make the back swing more deliberate I can sync my positions better which in turn creates speed/power.

  2. hi Tony. I am blessed with decent distance on well struck balls, but wonder if you could do one hitting more fairways.
    Thanks Joe

  3. Are you planning on coming out to the east bay in Northern California any time soon??? I'm 70 and running out of time.

  4. Hey Brendan, I was wondering what your handicap was before you started your channel. Have you seen much improvement with all of the work you've done with tony and all of the other coaches? Just wondering I keep getting lessons but still can't get past that 80 to 85 mark ive been at the last 3-4 years. love the game but it makes me crazy that I cant improve with all the time practicing I put in. Btw I really enjoy your channel! Have a good weekend

  5. Good video. It showed that Tony is more than just a right arm fixes all guy and showed some versatility. I def agree with him about the swing speed concept, although I believe you can still "slash" at the ball using a stable release for consistency so less clubface rotation. Not something that really matters though. Overall, good vid and positive representation of the BBG school.

  6. This was at our Be Better Golf School in WIlliamsburg, VA

    It was a ton of fun and saw some huge improvements over the 2 days. Everyone was working really hard (we went from 8am to 6:30 pm both days) it was really inspiring.

    IF YOU would like to come to a future school, or would like one in your area comment below or email me at