HOW TO GET MORE SPIN ON YOUR GOLF SHOTS. This common golf question and a skill that many feel they want to be able to spin the golf ball back and stop it on the green. Where maybe this is the wrong question and maybe there is a much more simple solution to your golf game. With more and more golf tips, golf videos and golf instruction flying around the desire to find an audience and just give them what they want often over rides what is best for their golf games. See what Mark and the gang have to say about spinning your golf shots.

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  1. Like Rays comment about controlling strike. How do I start working on that? Got a few months before the comps start again and it's something I'd like to improve on.

  2. Spin me right round……….. looks good but would I score lower with it??? That’s a no I thinks…….. just give me better strike, length, direction and…………… weather!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. What I am enjoying most about these kinds of videos is that it is helping me think better on the course. Learning so much more about how the ground and course affect a shot. I don’t always execute but it is wonderful knowing a smarter way to approach a shot.

  4. Some balls spin much better than others.
    I’ve had an improvement in my strike that has me hitting more consistent shots and more consistent spin. The adverse effect of that is I now have to play a carry yardage that is much closer to the pin.

  5. you film in your pants, no worries I watch em whilst pooing, so I see your muckiness and raise you disgusting.

  6. I care about what my score looks like rather than what my shots look like. I like a wedge shot that stops and stays where I hit it. No backspin!!

  7. Speed to me is a product of speed, strike, lie, and loft. Interesting example. I play with a older family member. I have a good bit more speed and distance then them. On average their ball backs up more then mine. They play lower lofted stronger irons then me. Yet it does not bother me. Depending on loft. My ball will stop in its tracks to roll a out just a little. To me this comes down to play your own functional golf.

  8. Great thoughts there guys. Really interesting Arguments on this topic. I always wanted more spin in search of control, but You are absolutely right that it all depends on several conditions and they are never same.

  9. of course you can add spin – you just hit your shot and make some cool sound effects and gesture like you're fishing πŸ˜›

  10. Some time back, I was unable to stop the ball on the green. So I was tempted to try to search for spin, thinking I needed it.
    Instead, my coach advised to change for a softer ball and higher approaches. It works for me…

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  12. The only way to add spin is to get rid of the "game improvement irons" and get traditional lofted irons. These GII are actually stopping people getting better but people buy them because they are too focused on distance.

  13. The other big thing that a lot of people don't realize, the pros are playing greens (regardless how firm they are) are running above 11 on the stimp. Most normal courses are running below 10. Because the greens are faster, the ball will move further for a given spin number. Just look at Sergio's 13 on the 15th of Augusta – lightning fast greens with a regular wedge shot zipping 20-30 feet

  14. I find alot of these "instruction" vids are 'click baity' – you never get what it says on the tin. "Do you need spin……" – would be more appropriate. I don't even know if you guys can call upon a spin shot when required – not by what I've seen on the course vlogs anyway ( more coincidental than anything – apart from Coach that is). If people want to see how to spin look up someone like Scratch Golf Academy and many others. Sorry to moan 'cause I've watched your stuff for years but this just wound me up.

  15. Sweaty Coach

    With any given club you can achieve a maximum spin with perfect strike however there are lots of factors which can take that away right?

  16. Surely in the ideal world you don’t want loads of backspin, it’s unpredictable. It’s much better to have one bounce and stop. I hit almost all pitch shots on that premise, one bounce stop, it’s much easier to control distances that way, flight them in fairly low.

  17. IMHO listening to how to make "spin cake" just did my head in, visual demonstration with graphics is much tastier for my limited mental faculties.
    Those who love the short game may find some joy in this skill, myself included.