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How to Get The Correct Shoulder Plane in Your Golf Swing


Meandmygolf says:

It is Astbury Hall. Very foggy day. The course is amazing!

thegonz9 says:

Could you also do a drill for the downswing and follow through?

doomayam says:

Is that a DB9 in the background?

Meandmygolf says:

Yes they have a different car almost every time we go.

GeterStyles says:

could you do video for steep swing plane and back swing. thx that would be great

dennis bean says:

I can do it with my hands but as soon as I put a club in my hand it is so much harder. Im working on it

gee gee k says:

great drill

james buffalin says:

i saw a drill where you would hold a club across your chest and at the top of the backswing the club should be aimed at the ball, is that too much shoulder tilt?

Jason Phillips says:

a steeper shoulder tilt will let you turn into your back leg and hip better for more coil.  great video.

Luther Evans, Jr. says:

Thank you for the video on shoulder plane, it has been a great help!

Question: How should you work the knees in the beginning of the downswing? Lateral or outward?

Jagdeep Chandi says:

Awesome video. Such a simple explanation that has me hitting the ball so sweetly.

Rob cab0211 says:

thanks i love this drill and it helped me lots

Ian McManus says:

Concentrate on the shoulder turn rather than the hands

gmonkey808 says:

did you do a video on the downswing? I wounder why you didnt address the downswing in the same video an just make it 1 min longer. I have been watching pga tour quite a bit and they dont turn down on the same shouder plane. They steepen and head directly to the ball with the right shoulder. Do you agree with this or do you think you should turn back through on the same plane as the backswing?

bobbie bobbejaan says:

what a waste of time…

tork crawford says:

Exactly what I have been working on

dennis bean says:

when i make my shoulder turn . i feel that my feet stay still but the rest of the body turns. if i keep my ankles stiff i dont turn correctly and i get a reverse k. can uou talk about this.

Paul Wiles says:

I like to think that I'm turning my shoulders back parallel to the target line. This automatically gives me steeper shoulders, and a much more on plane swing. I have stopped pushing the ball, and my shot making has I proved dramatically. Hope this helps those of us who struggle with a flat shoulder turn

Ben Jonson says:

Is that 4 feet past the golf ball with every club or just the driver?

boatfloat123 says:

You guys have a video for every golf swing in the world

Greg Hill says:

Wow! Very well explained & Great Drill! I needed this! Thanks!

Dor D says:

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Mitch Copp says:

How to find a ball in fog like that

Chon Jung says:

I've been searching for a cure for ever! Every video addresses the swing plane, but never address how my shoulder gets pulled to a flat plane.. Please expand on this theme with some additional practice drills for this very problem. My club is almost horizontal at full takeaway.. So, besides for the shoulder, is there something I can do with my arm, wrist to avoid the flat takeaway??

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