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  1. Rob, a cracking video mate sat watching it and laughing my head off. The problem with my swing is i swing too fast. I might give Jimmy Mc a call see if he can help me out 🙂

  2. where can i book a lesson with Jimmy?
    just kidding great funny video with a fantastic message,I'm over the top of my backswing on the downswing and can't fix it….arrgh!

  3. Great video Rob. Same can be said of most striking games. Look at Lara, not the most conventional cricketer but his record speaks for itself. Jeev Milkha Singh also carved out some kind of career with a swing not unlike my 5 year old daughters!

  4. Only been playing 10 months handicap 18, brilliant video and i think every amateur needs to see this!! Gd job dude!!

  5. I know Drew and Jacko at the club and they are great pros I'm sure. The vid highlights the fact that the way they are forced to coach/teach is total bullshit (pga way). The AJ Bonar content with Be Better Golf said it all really. Rant over. Great vlog. Very impressed.

  6. I reckon there's a few key fundamentals that remain consistent among every good golfer in relation to power and consistency and I suspect these ought to be discovered by the individual themselves. That way if things go awry there's a basis of intuitive knowledge upon which a resolution can be found. Then there's the question of efficiency and or longevity, regardless of how effective your swing may be its no use if you lose a knee, hip or shoulder 10 years down the road. Another excellent production!