How To Grip The Golf Club (Crazy Detail)

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Grip is the very beginning. It all starts there and works its way through movement, through swing, and through release.

From novice to expert the range of how to grip the golf club is very dynamic. Each little point can help you control your swing all the way down to where the ball can land.

If you want to learn more about where to place your hands and how that has effect on where the ball will go. Watch the video for these 3 tips and l introduce an awesome training aid as well.

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  1. Another great video Clay, great in depth detail, very well explained and presented which is a skill in itself – I have always played with a long left thumb but have consistently struggled to square the club face, i followed your advice and bingo – Guys try this out and stop at impact position – Long left thumb face = Open …. Short thumb face = Square ….. the longer the club the more this is exaggerated.

  2. Great""" video!! – One of the best when it comes to detail.. Where do I purchase the "Snap on Golf Grip you mentioned? (I have not been able to locate one). "Your help would be appreciated.. Thanks Clay!

  3. Clay, thanks for the grip drill. I see you have a ton of great videos out there. After this video, what video would you recommend next? I am a beginner golfer and I've decided to start investing time into learning. Thanks!

  4. I have been watching several of these videos, and they are among the best instructional videos I've seen. Very helpful.

  5. This was the one that started it all for me! Best detail on how to grip a club. The short thumbs was my key. Added 20 yards and most solid contact ever.Thank you!

  6. Your grips appear to be built up (extra tape wraps). Is this an accurate observation on my part. Why build up vs 1 wrap or no wrap?

  7. Checkpoint: back of the hand parallel to the ground. OK
    But then the face of the club also parallel ? Or do you mean the leading edge parallel to the ground?

  8. I've watched a lot of your videos with limited to no success in my golf swing, but this video was like magic. Amazing how something as simple as putting your hands on the club "correctly" can change your entire swing and improve your ball striking. Thanks

  9. one of the best videos I've ever seen. I wish you lived in colorado i would take instruction from you twice a week.

  10. Hi Clay,
    Just started playing golf and trying to get my grip sorted – great video . Please advise where I can buy the clip on plastic grip from , it doesn't appear to be available in New Zealand.

  11. What's the best grip for someone with small hands? I use an interlock normally but flirt with the pinky out by itself at the range and hit well but I feel as if I'm might lose the club altogether at times and it'll go flying so I just switch back. I've always had weak hands and easily sprain my wrists or ankles too. Have skinny wrists n ankles naturally it's genetic…
    On some days it feels as if my grip on the club goes together so easily and others I'm struggling to find the right comfortable feel w Interlock grip… Would larger grips on my clubs be a good idea too?

  12. A good tutorial, but not really crazy detail. Would've liked guidance to how much overlap right hand over left hand – you did touch on 'strong' and 'weak' grips, but the hands don't necessarily both need to shift. Also, don't call those pockets of fat in your hand 'pads' – you're not a cat.

  13. Great video. Really helpful. Do you know whether the Grip Trainer comes in a left-hand version or is it universal? Thx!

  14. I advocate the V's point more toward the chin or at least inside the shoulder. It's balanced. From there it's really important to swing on the shoulder plane.

  15. Clay, I hook most shots because the face is closed at impact. I grip the club further anti-clockwise (i.e. Compensation) so it might square more at address. But it often doesn't work or doesn't feel right or is uncomfortable. The club head is already closed upon takeaway. How should the hands and wrists be positioned during takeaway and downswing?