How To Grip The Golf Club To Create A Simple Golf Swing

How To Grip The Golf Club To Create A Simple Golf Swing
With Golf Monthly top 25 coach, Alistair Davies and The Art of Simple Golf Contributor

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Here is a great concept to help you play better on the course more consistently and it’s a simple golf lesson on the grip and the correct efficient grip pressure.

0-10 is a good measure 0 being weak, 10 being strangling it !

A good range is 4,5 or 6 and that is what we want you to aim for out of the max of 10 for the pressure.

The reson why this is good for your golf game is two fold.

1) A grip with the right pressure is going to give you the best control of the clubface and give you the most consistency for your golf swing.

2) It gives you just one golf swing though.

This is the greatest benefit of using the grip pressure guage… You are thinking just one thing, the number you are halding the grip at. this removes so many compliated swing thoughts and is especially effective when you are on the golf course.

So next time you practice, find your correct pressure.

Next time you play, focus on that number and see if on each golf swing you make, you keep tha number throughout. Be it a 4,5 or 6 out of 10.

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How To Grip The Golf Club To Create A Simple Golf Swing With Alistair Davies, Golf Monthy Top 25 Coaches and The Art of Simple Golf Contributor

The reason why we like this simple golf swing drill is it removes the focus away from too many swing thought s

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