This video is about how to hit a draw shot in golf and how you can shape your golf shots like the pros do in the PGA tour. For more golf swing tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.



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▶ SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner twice
▶ 27 year Class A PGA Member
▶ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
▶ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
▶ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
▶ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


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  1. Great video Adam on how to draw a shot in golf. BTW where can I get one of those magnet things you put on the face.. looks like it might be helpful. Thanks!

  2. dear Adam, what I really like about you videos is bringing the base instruction and, thats what is the added value, the message that one has to experiment to find your own "swing way".
    I would appreciate some tips on how one can use e.g. a draw / fade in course management..
    thanks for all the good stuff….

  3. Hi Adam. I would like to that you so much. I done a ton of your drills at the range by my house but never actually played on a golf course. My first 9 hole course was in Hilton Head on the Pga course. I shot a 56 on a 36 par for my first time ever playing. That's really bad but I think that's pretty good for my first time ever playing 9 holes and again it was on the PGA course in Hilton Head.

  4. Hi Adam, you are by far my favourite Golf Youtube channel, you have really made a difference to my game because you break things down and explain each step like no one else can 🙂 I only wished I lived closer so that I could get lessons in person from you haha . Thanks for yet another amazing high quality Golf lesson.

  5. Adam this is a dangerous video for a recovering snap hooker that has been sober for a year now. I tried not to watch this but your content has been great I couldn't resist.

  6. I like your style of teaching and when you use a example player you slow the move down so I can see it and feel it thank you I'm now subscribed by the way whee are you from? do I detect a little bit of Rory Thanks again. Don Mooney

  7. Hey very nice videos. Why do you prefer this method to simply align the body where you want to start, swing in that direction and point the club face where you want to finish? It allows you to make a bigger draw or fade?

  8. Fairplay, I didn't really give you a chance but after watching this video you've helped me massively, I've seen videos from Mark Crossfield, Rick shiels etc etc and couldn't really grasp the "draw" shot but I have with you……..I'm no Dustin yet but to see my first proper draw which I played for today was great and it's sunk in. The one key point which is the best point and I've only seen you say this "small scale first" IT WORKS. Thankyou very much, Patrick from U.K Wales

  9. love his videos. I take a lot of lessons, and i think to really draw it, one needs to fork out the money and get a certified pga instructor to help. You do things in your swing that no youtube video instructor can see. i highly recommend learning from these videos the Theory of drawing. But without a proper good instructor watching you, you will never know what you do that keeps you from drawing. Get a lesson!!!!

  10. Fantastic videos Adam, in my view, you are an excellent golf instructor, You seem to make it so uncomplicated, I can see I will have to subscribe soon, very really helpful stuff, Thank you, Brad Melbourne Australia.

  11. Great instructions. To those of us watching, I'd recommend a camera behind you to compare what you're taught in the video to what you're doing swinging and imitating Adam in this video. It's not easy getting a swing plane correct when you can't see yourself.