How to Hit Golf Balls on the Range

If you’re new to golf and don’t know how to hit range balls or if you’re just curious what my typical range routine is, this is the video for you! Obviously there are so many different ways to do this, but here is how I typically hit golf balls on the range.

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  1. Thanks for this Video! I have two alignment sticks I bought for another dril that my instructor gave me but now I know how to line them up correctly. I assume if I hit a draw and not a fade. I would line them up to the right not the left of the target?

  2. Thanks, Page. I warm up first with stretches, then hit 5 balls with my driver, only because that's how I start a round here in Myrtle Beach. Everyone gets to the course & jumps right in on the 1st hole. I was taught to get to the course early, warm up, hits balls, putt, then go to the 1st tee. So I start with my driver, then go wedge, 9, 7, etc. Love ur vids & conversation about golf. We always finished in the clubhouse with popcorn & beer & talked about golf. Keep vids coming. Luv it!

  3. Why do you say there is no rhyme or reason you hit your clubs in a specific order during your warmup? If that's the way you've always done it, then it obviously works for you and you feel confident in doing so, right?
    Obviously your video is targeting beginner golfers and instructing them on proper ways to warm up, right? So why not say something like, "I hit these clubs in this specific order because it allows me to get loose by staring off hitting shorter shots, then progressing through the clubs in my back, working up to my longer shots." As a professional golfer, you're sending the message that there is really no objective in your warmup drills and it doesn't really matter WHAT you do. If that's the case, you could have ended your video right there.
    ALWAYS warmup with purpose.
    ALWAYS go to the range with purpose.
    ALWAYS hit EVERY shot with purpose.
    – I'm a 56 yr old, lifelong golfer. Current GHIN: +2.8.

  4. If you really want credibility, get on tour. At least give it a go. Forget the money that is being thrown at you now. You can always make that after. How will you know how good you are. Don't you want to test it out with the other girls?

  5. there is nothing wrong with the way you position your head. the head has to cock to the side slightly to allow the right shoulder to move freely on the way back. the left side of the head then has to press down to stabilize the swing and to enable the right shoulder to move up and around and enable the left shoulder to move down and around. this, also, helps the left shoulder joint to stretch out in the socket of the left shoulder, which will then enable the left shoulder to turn. you don't dip downwards with your head on the way back, as you say you do. the move you make is perfect. and it enables you to get your right eye over the ball at impact; which enables you to get right thru the shot, as you do.
    the move that you make away from the ball with your right arm, is not quite right, though. obviously the right elbow points off at an angle of about 45% at address, and really it needs to move back in that direction until the upper part of the right arm momentarily hubs itself against the right side. that will help the core to turn and sync up the swing to its maximum.

  6. I don't know what You are saying Paige but please for the sake of ALL your fans,Wear those short golf skirts that you always have on and that this outfit.Just saying sweetie that you need to be yourself.

  7. Hey Paige….71 year old dude here with a recommendation that just might change your golfing life. I've been playing since I was 11 years old and thought I knew a lot about the golf swing. Please watch this video that changed me for the better:

    Had I known THIS when I was your age, I probably would have been a scratch or better golfer. Every golf swing theory out there just makes the game more confusing. If you can get what this guy is saying and put it into practice, you will be hitting golf shots like you never dreamed of hitting. It took me two or three views before the light bulb went off. Try what he is recommending very slowly and you will soon see it works…and works great. What really nailed it for me was realizing the club face remains remarkably square throughout the swing. My personal key thought is to imagine I'm raising both hands up and over my right shoulder and the shaft stays perpendicular to the shoulder line on the upswing. The arms only go up and down and not across your body. From the top all you do is exactly what this guy says to do, point the butt end of the shaft toward your right pelvis (as with the towel) as you turn through the shot. Do it slowly and it will make sense. It's hard to describe but it works!!

  8. Thanks Paige for these videos! I enjoy these golf tips. There is always something one can work on to get better. sometimes it's just small things. the sand trap tip about putting a bit more weight on the front leg helped me tremendously! Thanks again!