How To Hit Hybrid Golf Clubs Better: Simple Golf Tips With Alistair Davies

How To Hit Hybrid Golf Clubs Better: Simple Golf Tips With Alistair Davies

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When you are on the golf course and you have 180-220 yards left and you’re trying to hit a 3-iron, even a 4, you’re crazy. These utility golf clubs are designed to help you make solid contact and get the ball in the air and onto the green.

They are also great from light rough to increase distance and accuracy too

So how to hit hybrid golf clubs? Too many golfers set the ball too far forward for one thing. They see that big clubhead and think they have to sweep the ball, like on a wood shot and often set up with more weight on the trail leg to swing upwards

Instead, you want to set up with weight 50/50 and hit a hybrid with a descending strike–think of it as a 5-iron swing. It’s even a good idea to take a divot after impact; that proves you’re hitting down.

Having the low point of the golf swing just after the strike of the ball is how to hit hybrid golf clubs with the best strike.

Don’t make the mistake of using a sweeping swing necessary to hit a fairway wood. Instead, hit your fairway shot on a downward arc and take a divot just past the ball after making contact just like you would an iron…
With this you should Play the ball in the middle of your stance.

Swing your hybrid as you would an iron when hitting from the fairway.

Use a hybrid from deep fairway rough too. If your ball lies in high grass that’s too thick for a fairway wood, the hybrid is likely your best bet. The hybrid golf club clubhead is well-suited to slice through the rough while maintaining sufficient balance to let you play an accurate shot.

We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the most simple golf swing tips If you’re looking to get more power and consistency while improving key fundamentals!

Start having real control of your golf game. Be able to hit any shot, at any age, in golf with simple golf tips and lessons.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with The Art of Simple Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Alex Fortey

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  1. Great video. hybrids are funny in that half of hybrid hitters swear you sweep them, and the other are just as passionate you must hit down on them. i am a great hybrid player and i firmly hit down on it. Always making a divot. I hit it like a 7 iron. If i sweep, it never works.

  2. Hi Alistair. I hope someday you can make a video based on your view of hybrids vs fairway woods… similarities and differences. Thanks and take care.

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  4. I was able to shot a Seventy-three after doing the drill I`ve learned from reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I hit 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost hit the green with a distance of 5 to 10 yards on the other 5 holes. Since Nine is my handicap, I never shoot 73s. It`s been actually a long time since I made a great round.

  5. I just finished reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) last week before going out and putting the exercises to the test. I never thought that after playing for 30 years, my swinging ability can still be improved. The drills have assisted with small details I had never paid much attention to.

  6. Great video. Would hitting a 2 hybrid be a similar setup and striking ball first? Thanks