How To Hit The Driver Straight Like Moe Norman

How To Hit The Driver Straight Like Moe Norman
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Here Alistair Davies and Alex Fortey From The Art of Simple Golf Share just how one of the most famous ball strikers of all time, Mo Norman hit the driver straight more consistently than any other golfer.

There are some key golf swing principles and set up adjustments that Moe Norman used and that you should too if longer drives and straighter shots off the tee are your golf.

Let’s be honest, of course they are! Here are the main points of this golf swing lesson.Hitting the golf driver with a shallow angle of attack. Striking the golf ball with an inside to out swing path. And hitting the driver on an upswing.

These can all be accomplished by adjusting your set up to all for this movement. It may feel strange at fist as we exaggerate it

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  1. Great video guys! Just two questions… How did you get the arrows on your videos as I am making a video ( not golf) and I am looking for just this effect) and 2. Did you have a go at hitting the rabbit after the video!

  2. I picked this up from watching Moe Norman videos years ago. I've been doing it for decades, especially on the course. Only way to address the ball with a driver in my opinion. Thanks.

  3. Definetly not moe!!!low hands creating a piece action when moe operated on a single plane.false information.all your doing is tilting your spine angle.a insult to moe

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