Todays video talks through how to hit your hybrids consistently

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  1. So glad you did the hybrid swing, just started using my hybrid instead of a fairway wood now I can try out your set up as Im playing an away day with my society. Great lesson.

  2. I carry one hybrid it replaced my 5 wood, 3 iron. A callaway x2 hot hybrid. I keep my 4 iron because it's easier to shape shots.

  3. The longest iron I can hit well is a six. Then a 22 hybrid, 5 wood and 12 degree driver. I’ve got a slow swing and if I try to hit harder I’ve got a slice 🤬

  4. Im playing Moyola Golf (NI) course and you will understand why i'm not keen to play woods. It has a great website which shows you hole by hole using a drome. Check it out LOL

  5. I carry ADAMS 3, 4 – OS A12's and 5 – A3 BOXER hybrids…they ought to be illegal. Almost too easy to hit. Not much movement left or right, strictly 'Point and Click'. I love them. LOL!

  6. Once again, Alex, good information that could have been delivered in 2 minutes..but you managed to stretch it to 8+ minutes!

  7. I am glad I found your channel. Your instruction is great. I think you are the best on YouTube! Thank you for your videos.