How To Improve Golf Swing Rhythm And Tempo

How To Improve Golf Swing Rhythm And Tempo – from PGA professional Peter Finch. Peter coaches at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester, UK. Subscribe to be the first to get great content and coaching tips.

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  1. Do you have any advise about " swing thought". It strikes me that there are so many things to consider at address,  rotation,  swing path, weight shift, release, grip  etc etc. Is there any one thought you have before you begin your swing, or is it a different thought for every different shot.?     cheers

  2. peter the name of this iphone app, which measures the speed of the swing? 
    peter qual o nome desse aplicativo para iphone,que mede a velocidade do swing?

  3. The only time I had a smooth tempo and rhythm was when I had to hit balls on the 2nd level of the driving range.  I'm scared of heights and was afraid to fall so I had to swing smoothly and with rhythm.  I was really surprised how crisp I'm hitting the balls with minimal effort.  

  4. Had some great range sessions recently, kudos to some of your tips on tempo, but then Monday went to shite in the middle of my range session…so I'm back ;-).

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