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HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SHOULDER TURN IN THE GOLF SWING with PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about hitting better drivers, tee shots and irons shots in todays Daily Vlog. Make sure you are helping your golf game with good body movements that could encourage improved strikes. For simple and easy to follow golf instruction, tips and drills follow the Daily Vlogs.

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  1. My mental state is stopping me progressing. Off 5.7 18 months a go. Now 7.2 and it's killing me. More and more pressure added each week. Help!

  2. mental state? i remember rounds where i could hit every shot i could imagine, but also rounds where i had the feeling i'm playing the game the vey first time

  3. "Golf is s game of confidence". Dr Bob Rotella. Good read. Obviously you have to have the mechanics to be able to play but you have to have your head in the right place. Ask Coach about this next time he goes quiet on the course!

  4. Mental state is almost 100% of my golf game… have to be in my zen place or else I'm playing like complete garbage. With "feels like" temperatures here in Florida around 40-43 degrees C lately it's a little difficult to keep the composure.

    Vlogs are awesome, keep them coming. always clicking on them as soon as I get that notification!

  5. Massively into the mental side of the game bob rotella is what i listen to.. great question mark and hope you talk more about the mental side ????????????????

  6. Great vlog as always brah!

    I don't play golf if I'm not in the mental state to enjoy the bad as well as the good, because lets face it, bad shots are always going to happen!

    Keep up the good work, you've 100% changed my golfing experience for the better.

  7. Not so much emotions, but NERVES absolutely kill my game. ANY new (seen your older vid on the subject) tips or insights would be hugely appreciated. Considering hypnosis….. Cheers bruh.

  8. I read an article From Golf Digest stating people are now taking the ADD ADHD medicine Adderall to keep their emotions calm and focus better. is that cheating?

  9. Mental state is HUGE!!! Feeling tired and in a bad mood/stressed never ends up well!
    Feeling positive usually helps lots!

  10. I suffer with OCD. When I am at the range with my coach I can hit the ball fine.Hit some great shots and a couple of bad ones.When I am on the course it's the other way round as I start to over think everything which is down to my OCD. This week's lesson is an on course lesson so I'm hoping that this is going to help me calm everything down and play the shots like I do at the range. Having OCD is only part of the problem as I put myself under massive amounts of pressure as i am the only one in my group of friends who is having lessons and they expect to see huge changes in the way I play.

  11. Admittedly, I'm awful in regard to the mental game. I've always been hard on myself. It doesn't matter to me if I'm better than any of my mates or not I just want to continue to get better and when I have bad rounds I get grumpy at myself.

    It's something I'm working on though. I have a 2 year old son and i know that if he wants to play as he gets older, I need to be calm to make it fun for him. In return it'll be more fun for me.

    Great vid today (as always) have a good one!

  12. Yes, the numbers are a good baseline, but nothing compares to hitting on an actual course for a reality check if you can. Box stores can't do it, but pro shops can. Click that "Subscribe" button. ;>)

  13. Mark, as you know, one's level of emotional arousal differs from one person to the next. Some golfers can play well when moderately to just under highly aroused, while other golfers require a lower level of intensity to play well. The extremes of both arousal levels is usually unsuccessful, but not always. I feel that the actual content of your thoughts, positive vs. negative thoughts, aggressive vs passive thoughts, and self deprecating thoughts vs. empowering ideation all factor into how a golfer manages their feelings and thoughts. Unless you are a raging savage or barely awake on the course, you can usually come up with a system that works for different personalities. If you are that savage, it is time to get professional help. I think you and Coach do a good job of demonstrating healthy emotional expression on the golf course.

  14. My mental state is probably 90% of the reason I don't shoot lower scores. One bad hole or screwing up what should be a very simple shot, and I mentally check out. My regular golfing partner said he can even see it in my body language. I don't have to say anything. He can tell just by looking at me, the moment I've mentally turned it off for the day.

  15. mentality and mental fatigue and mood can be major blocks in my game also fitness which plays into the mental side of the game and weather I can perform to my potential. still struggling with this. #golfIShard

  16. Massively!
    If I'm in the correct state of mind I find it so much easier to dial myself into each shot and can usually play it how ever I want
    Trying to get myself into that state of mind is the problem as my head is full of nonsense most of the time lol 7 handicapper

  17. Me personally the more I let small things annoy me the worse my mistakes become on the course, a clear head before each shot is key to making good decisions on the course

  18. The mental part of my game is my let down. I'll start off with a fun attitude and hit par birdie etc….. once i start to focus and keep a card going well BOOM it all falls to sh1te. I've been cut three shots this year and it should (im hoping for more) be more but this is holding me back

  19. Mark where you off to next week would it be Southport ? When did the term weight transfer become known as shifting pressure. The mental side of the game to me is the better you think you are the more pressure you put on yourself to perform.
    High hcapper thinking they can hit a high cutting, draw fade hooking back hand, 60 degree 299 yards will always feel under pressure. Play what you are comfortable with have fun enjoy it. We are all seeking advice and tips from Mark to enable us to improve to take a few coins of our mates after a round we are not playing for 1.8 million and a silver pot get over it.

  20. Mental state is just as important as your swing, posture, ball position, etc. It's a part of the whole package. I can't finish on a good note if I'm frustrated at the turn. I completely give up. My mind has to be right in order to make everything else work.

  21. so many golfers are almost waiting for the bad shot(myself included). when one goes flying into the trees you always hear "there it is, i knew it was coming!"….don't think i ever heard the pro's say/do that????

  22. I remind myself that I'm not Tiger Woods or Mark Crossfield 🙂 and try to have fun with the game.

  23. My mental state is WAY to stressed before I even tee off. My problem is I know I can play better but that make me put more pressure on myself.

  24. Massively. that being said my mental state can change on the course depending on who I'm playing with and how I'm playing.

  25. Completely effects my game. In a negative way. I once threw a sw into a massive bunch of nettles. Didn't get it back. Vokeys finest, lost.

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