How To Increase Golf Swing Speed – Hip Rotation Stretch Tip Mike Pedersen Golf Exercise Workout Trainer shows you a simple golf stretch to increase your golf swing speed by increasing hip rotation range of motion; resulting in more power, and ultimately distance.

Immobility in the hip region is very common among the older golfer, and unless you address this with effective golf stretches and exercises like the one in this video, you’ll be one frustrated golfer for years to come.

That’s why I’ve put together a series of golf stretches in my Golf Stretching DVD that ONLY take 7 minutes per day! There are 4 segments on the DVD so you can alternate them for variety.

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  1. Great tip for loosening up and flexibility. First time just following the video and I felt way better just in general.

  2. re: Swing speed.

    I just saw a surprising method of increasing swing speed and I'm wondering if the player who illustrated it is having me on.

    He proved it by using a swing stick and the sound it made as it 'whooshed' thru the air, about 30% louder than typical driver shot off the tee.

    The Surprise?  He took a normal backswing and coil and then downswing which instead of following thru after impact, he STOPPED his swing cold just a fraction of a second b 4 impact.  The club head never went further than a foot beyond impact.

    I'm half ready to go out to the range and try this right now.  For sure tomorrow.

    Has anyone heard of this?  Am I hallucinating??

  3. its funny but if you stood at address and just turned your hips with no arm swing the ball wont move very far or fast. look at hitting ball from kneeling position mike malaska

  4. Great exercises. These are old video's. Are you still currently teaching in April 2016. I love the way you teach.Please respond. Thanks.