Meandmygolf explain if you should keep the left arm straight in the golf swing and a drill to help keeping the arm straight

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  1. hey gents, Really great video. I'm a 2 handicap and I'd love to get some putting tips on how to hit putts more on line, ball position, your thoughts on forward press ect. Thanks in advance

  2. Great drill guys…. one of your best videos to date. Have fun in the states.

    I'm with Mike Hawk, I would like to see some putting tips as well. I generally consider myself a good putter however my miss is a cut putt which brings all sort of problems into future putts as I try to over-compensate. Is there a drill to make sure I hit my putts squarely every single time? 

  3. I am glad someone asked that question but what has struck me in watching the videos from mamg is the swing rhythm. I found from watching that I was swinging too fast. Slowing it down and using the tips like keeping the knee bend, using the head cover to keep my left arm connected has improved my striking the ball. Have you any drills for proper swing rhythm. Thanks folks keep up the good work. Padraig

  4. I don't have problems with wrists and straight left hand on a backswing, but have a problem "uncocking" wrists on an actual swing, which leads to an open clubhead during a contact with a ball and a slice. Especially with a long clubs like driver. I do it too late and a nice drill to help with that would be nice

  5. Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me stop slicing my driver. Out on the driving range I am hitting the ball well but once I get on the course im hitting huge slices. Please help me with this.

  6. hey guys love the videos they have helped my game so much in a short time. just wondering if you have any videos on how to putt straight specifically the set up for putting cheers.

  7. Another great video and drill. Thx once again guys. I do have a question as well. I am hitting my irons much better lately. My game around the green is improved as is my driver. I am still having tons of problems with my fairway wood and especially my hybrids. I do get the occasional great hit bit for the most part I am all over the place. Sometimes topping, sometimes fat, and sometimes on the toe. I just can't seem to get good contact. I try to hit it at the bottom of my arc and sweep it but I am just so inconsistent. Any tips?

  8. What other faults can a tight grip lead to? I suffer with a ball flight that starts straight but goes high and drifts right, I always feel like my club face is open at impact.

  9. that will be a good drill ..thanks.. always getting angry at myself for breaking the left arm

  10. Hi, I hear many pros saying to hit down on the ball. I have just been to the range and was hitting down on the ball. The result: lots of deep divots, grass flying all over and the ball digging deep deep down. So, what am I doing wrong? 

  11. Sort of off topic, but could I just clarify what the golf course is called and where it's located? Looks gorgeous! Might play as soon as my new clubs arrive haha

  12. I struggle a lot in keeping my left arm straight, I guess it's because I'm not very flexible. 

  13. I am trying to learn how to have a good back swing. I have watched so many different videos. I would like more on the basic golf swing guys!

  14. Thanks guys!! awesome drill too, ive always tried to keep the width on my swing but Im no  tiger woods in terms of flexibility. game changer hopefully!

  15. I grip the shit out of my driver, really; all my clubs for medium to long range shots. Which has fixed my slice to a fade, and fixed my consistency of straight, accurate shots.

  16. Thankyou. 6:09  the "Faldo" drill is the solution to my problem, without even going outside to try it now (cos it's midnight). Getting that straight shoulder turn has been my achilles "arm" . So when you reach that top position you 'crush' on the way down and BINGO!  Correct?

  17. i have such a hard time turning. i hope this will help me. i usually have a very stiff left arm. i enjoy your lessons

  18. Thank you for your videos. They have really helped me improve my game. Still work to do, but I'm improving every round.