How to make a FULL SWING with Bobby Lopez, PGA

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  1. The swing where you mishit the ball after looking at the headcover looked really good

  2. But this is exactly the problem I have, I just can't shake it off, and I practice a lot, got my own golf room, I find it worse when I get tired, I know what you're saying, you are trying to find the low point and the only way to do is to race ahead with the upper body. I really think it's a leg action problem with myself, don't wanna be rude but I'm not liking this armsy swing, reactionary stuff, gankas seems to have nailed it but that stuff you have to do it exactly right. Remember faldo took a year or two off from playing to overhaul his swing!

  3. Hey Brenden, in order to take a shallow divot it ball position and rotation. I swing the why Bobby teaches, ball position and less hips but full follow through rotation.

  4. Lol I almost thought I was trippin on acid when u slow mo'd your swing and Bobby was walking around in regular speed

  5. Brendon your attempt to add tilt at set up has the unintended consequence of getting your shoulders aligned way right of target, causing your right forearm to get in a "rolled open" position before you even take the club away. It would be almost impossible to not take the club inside from your setup position.

  6. Brendon I noticed your head moves up in your backswing. Just look at the couple swings you took with the white line drawn. Your head moves away from the white line. Not sure it's a big deal. Just thought I would point it out to you. Great channel you have!

  7. Your main problem in my opinion is that you are losing your spine angle slightly at the top of your swing.
    Work on shorten the swing a bit and keep your spine angle throughout the swing.

  8. At 5:34.' as you probably know Brandon(?), you show us your usual swing trigger; you drop your hands/ the handle before your start your swing. At 7:18 you dont do this. That was a good swing! And is/was THE best swing youve made so far in all the videos I have seen from you.

  9. It seems your left arm is disconnecting from your chest on the takeaway. my instructors taught me to keep the left bicep pinned against the chest all the way to the top. result would be a more synchronized, tighter, and consistent swing. there should be no "window" between the chest and left bicep for you to see through from the dtl point of view. just a suggestion lol, i know you prob get many from "experts"