How to Organize Your Golf Bag

How to Organize Your Golf Bag by PuttsAround.

In today’s vlog, David discusses what seems to be a concerning trend of organizing golf clubs in the bag. He dives into this head first to help you understand the pros and cons of each method. This one may require more than one watch to grasp all of the nuggets of wisdom David provides.

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  1. Old school here . My putter has its own place so I work from there . Also use the iron covers to keep that neat and professional look . Using a larger bag has also been a big help .

  2. I use an Ogio Grom bag (love it, best ever) Standbag. It has individual dividers at the top. I recently (5days ago) stacked my driver, 3wood, hybrid, on the far right side, with driver at the bottom. And put everything else on the left in descending order. I love the look and usefulness. It lays perfectly in my push cart. #neverchangingorder.

  3. Old school here too. Putter on bottom w wedges tho. No iron covers, probably should but covers annoy me. Cover my driver, 3 wood and putter only. I recently purchased the Ping Hoofer bag that I've been lusting for. It's a great bag. Light and tons of room w very comfortable shoulder straps.

  4. I'm going to reverse it to see what it's like. A guy the other day said, "I'll give you $5 to take those headcovers off your irons!" I said, "No, I want to keep them pretty." I did ask for a better offer. Iron headcovers make sense today! OK, rearranging the bag. Seems more functional that way.

  5. Related to this topic, do you think the trend for bags with 14-way dividers actually helps?
    I DON’T…
    I bought a new bag this summer ( 14 slots) thinking that it would make my bag easier to use. Actually it isn’t. The holes for the clubs are sometimes difficult to find when obscured by all the other heads when putting a club back. Being separated doesn’t actually help finding the. When choosing the correct club either.
    One thing I would insist on next time I buy a bag, is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE PUTTER SLOT on the side of the bag , so my mallet head doesn’t get in the way so annoyingly.
    However, back to the point of the video, I’m going to try a scheme where the long clubs are in the middle and the shorter clubs surround them, perhaps in a spiral?
    Anyway no scheme actually looks PRETTY!

  6. As a person that works at a golf club cleaning clubs and putting away bags, I hate the members with headcovers and every club. Get over it, and it doesn't help with pace of play. And as far as bag set up, driver and woods in the back row of the bag, then irons and then wedges and putter up front. Great channel… I will be subscribing.

  7. I have a bag that has separate holes for each club. I find the best set up to be to put my driver and woods along the top left. Then I put my irons on the top right, but I put the putter at the middle top pocket because I use it most. Then I use the bottom section for my wedges. Kind of weird, but works.

  8. I like the old school method. The other way create more contact between the clubs went you put the short club back in the bag.

  9. I used to be a driver on top like you and tried the driver on bottom and really like it. Plus the clubs don’t move around as much making walking a lot quieter!

  10. I have the Callaway ORG 14 cart bag with 14 full length dividers. Driver at the top all the way through to putter at the bottom and they all have head covers. Even the wedges, except for when I start playing I’ll take the driver and putter head covers off and leave them in the cart. Wait!!… don’t freak out yet. There’s no rattling or banging leaving scrapes and chips cuz they’re at the opposite ends of the bag. I know I shouldn’t of gave away such a great secret but feel free to use it guys. I just want everyone to have more fun and shoot better rounds. 😊👍🏻

  11. Yes head covers are a must I get shit all the time for having iron head covers and for my wedges fuck that I payed a shit load of money for these clubs I don’t want them all dinged up

  12. I organize mine similar to the way Dennis mentioned, except my woods are on the left side running bottom to top (longest-driver- on bottom to shortest on top) with wedges and putter on the right side (called a woode club organizer). This way, when I stand the bag up beside me, my woods don’t obscure my irons (if the woods were on the right side). I see everything better.