How to practice your golf swing

How to practice you golf swing – Danny Maude reveals why many golfers struggle to transfer their good shots from the range to the course.

In this video he shows you a simple framework you can use during your practice to get significant improvements on the course.

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  1. Nice video Danny, something I tend to do already, so doing something right !
    Have you got any tips /drills to improve tempo ?
    I find most of my bad shots creep in when I get too quick and try and force things.

  2. 😱😕😰…. this video hurts a person soul, because it is dead on to right. wow the avg. person is doing things all wrong , … 😏 now I gotta change my range game up. thnks ✊

  3. You are not only an excellent coach but also a great person because you are generous and very hepful for golfers love your Way of teaching

  4. This was very very helpful for me and I will definitely employ this method next time i go to the range. It makes perfect sense. My driving is really coming on in leaps and bounds after i read all about swinging from in to out and transfer of weight. Could you perhaps do a video on proper weight transfer to cement these things for me and others of course.

  5. Danny, excellent video. I often fall apart after the range but am trying to use the range as an "actual game." Slow improvement. Suggestion: your video is not very clear visually; cameraman? Anyhow, thank you for sharing.