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How To Regrip A Golf Club With Golf Pride

Hi. My name is Bruce with Golf Pride Grips and I’m going to demonstrate on how to re-grip a golf club today.

I’ve been with golf pride for 10 years and I’ve re-gripped countless clubs through the years. Any body can re-grip their golf clubs, you just need to have some tools and having those tools obviously will help you re-grip a lot faster. And when it gets down to it, I mean the other stuff is nice to have but there’s only 3 things you really need. The first one being the solvent. You need the solvent to activate the tape to slip the grip on. The next thing you need obviously, is a hook blade or blade to cut that grip off. And the other thing is the two-sided tape you need to secure the grip onto the shaft. So you know that being said, if you have those 3 elements you could re-grip a golf club.

Ok so the first thing I’m going to do is remove this golf grip. You know obviously it’s going to be slick and worn out, and that’s the reason you’re going to need to take it off. So the way that I remove a golf grip is simple. I get the hook blade and I always cut away from myself with the blade, so if I slip I’m never going to hit anybody or myself, right? And you want to make sure that it’s you know the people around you are clear so they cant get hit if you suddenly slip. So what I do is simply put the hook blade underneath the mouth of the grip, you know make sure that it’s seated under there and then you simply push away, right? Use a pressure just to push away. It’ll start to cut the rubber and you rub, you know run it up the shaft.

Now it’s a mistake a lot of people make they just simply put some two-sided tape over the existing tape that was underneath the grip. That’s the wrong thing to do because you wound up getting a grip that’s a lot bigger than what you anticipated. The next technique is to use a flat razor and you scrape off the tape instantly like you’re peeling an apple. It takes a little bit longer but again it works.

The next step is simply to install the two-sided tape and slip on the new grip. So the first thing we do is lock the shaft into the vice and the important piece here is to make sure that that clubface is lined up square. And this critical if you’re installing a ribbed golf grip. So the first thing we do is make sure that the tape is measured out the correct length, you don’t want to have it too long or too short. So I always have a grip handy next to the tape to make sure it’s measured correctly. And I always measure the exact length of the grip and you need to have a little bit of overhang when you put the tape on but this will ensure that there is no tape hanging out the end of grip when you’re finished. So you leave about a half of inch of overhang over the shaft that you can see right there. Install the two-sided tape. Make sure it’s smoothed out, that there’s no wrinkles or bubbles. You wind up that tape at the end and you just shove it in the end of the shaft. So now the two-sided tape is installed correctly and you can put your grip up next to it to see that once the grip is installed, there will be no overhang.

So the next step is to imply the solvent over the two-sided tape. And this is one of those things where you want to make sure you use enough solvent. You can never use enough solvent because if you get it stuck half way on, that’s when the problems arise and you have to cut the grip off. So you just make sure that the two-sided tape is coated. And I’m using a lot of solvent here you never use enough and then you put the solvent on the inside of the grip. Make sure that your hole covers, that your finger covers up the hole at the end of the cap. Simply swish around the solvent in there make sure it coats the inside of the grip. Take your finger off of the hole and pour more solvent over the two-sided tape. Now I have an apron on to be sure it doesn’t squirt on my clothes and I advise you to do the same, but always make sure that you have a towel as well. And I always use a towel to cover the end cap of the grip so when I install it, nothing squirts out.

When you put this on, you want to put it over the mouth of the grip and then you want to be quick installing it. Use some pressure there, install the grip the whole way. Make sure that it’s seated correctly there and again I had the towel so no solvent came flying out the end.

And we always tell people they should re-grip either once a year or every 40 rounds, whatever comes first. To be properly fit and to see all of our product line feel free to visit us at

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  1. Im confused – has the two sided tape stillvgot the backing on? Or does the solvent eat the backing? C

  2. … Does the solvent take away the stickiness of the other side for a short while? Nice video btw…

  3. one also needs a bench vise and a club vise as well…to hold the golf club….He forgot to mention it….

  4. Don't need a vise to re-grip, helps with alignment but not needed.  Key thing is to make sure that you immediately install grip after you coat tape with solvent to ensure maximum ease.

    Some tape is solvent-activated, so it's only tacky on one side to install on shaft and then once it meets the solvent, the adhesive activates.  Can also use two-sided tape but it's a bit more work to install because you have the added tackiness to deal with along with removing the backing.  Either way, still not hard to do as long as you have a grip, adhesive, tape, and solvent.

  5. Wow, never use a straight edge razor to strip off the old tape. Especially when you have graphite shafts. You can actually cut into the fibers in the shaft and ruin it. Use a heat gun very gently on steel shafts only to reheat the tape and then just pull the old tape off. Use a citrus based cleaner or goof off to get old tape off of graphite shafts. And who re-grips every year?

  6. Where can I get one of those awesome re-gripping stations with drip pan, vice, etc?! Sweet setup!

  7. Hi Bruce…
    Golf pride is like you described, slick and worn out.  If you slip, you cut the shaft…. Man that is the wrong thing to do.  It cuts on the efficiency.   The grip needs to be free of bumps also… the solvent sounds like it might burn, should I be concerned??? Good point on the towel as it can be a mess when gripping the shaft 🙂 mine anyways!!! lol. 

  8. run it up the shaft… hey … what kind of shop are you guys running down in Pinehurst, NC???  A little bit of overhang over the shaft?  is that your anti-Jewish sentiment?  I'm sort of offended, and I'm not even Jewish.

  9. How long before i can use the clubs after regripping? some say 1-2 hours others say 24 hours???

  10. Why do some use levels  to a 90' angle to the club face and some don't ? which is the proper way without doing shortcuts?

  11. I have never seen that much Solvent used.  At that rate you're looking at about 1/2 a gallon a set!!! LOL