How to Regrip A Golf Club in 4 Minutes

A few tips and tricks I didn’t mention in the video:
1. I use my finger to plug the hole in the grip, and then allow the solvent to drain through that hole to coat the grip. It’s the fastest way to do it in my opinion.
2. When sliding on the new grip, be careful not to get squirted by the extra solvent coming out of the hole at the end of the grip! Stand slightly to the side as I do, or wear an apron.
3. Beginner tip: While securing the club in the vice, align the clubface square, and when sliding on the grip you can align it while it’s still in the vice.
4. I get most of my re-gripping supplies from Golfsmith. I’m not paid to say that or promoting them specifically, but it’s just easier to get everything from the same place, and they even sell re-gripping kits with pre-measured tape and grips.

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  2. No, it is not necessary to have a vice to re-grip clubs. You'll find it is easily done without one. Simply place the club-head on the ground like you are normally gripping a club and slip the grip on. Make sure the head rests on a piece of cardboard or carpet as to not add any unwanted marks on the club-head from contact with concrete and the like. Great video. Cheers.

  3. Man!  Get any closer to that cutting knife and you'll have a Youtube video titled "How to Regrip A Golf Club & Circumcise Yourself in 4 Minutes."

  4. Great Video. Had my grips for a year before I finally got up the nerve to do it. What a breeze!

  5. Thanks so much! Was super easy and my son is thrilled with his 'new' clubs (my old set of irons) with awesome orange/white Niion Golf Pride Grips!