In todays Daily Vlog Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about releasing the golf club and how to get the most from your golf swing for launch and distance. Make sure what it come to the release you are controlling your driver or iron in a way that does not effect loft and launch for the longest straightest drives. If you want to stop slicing the golf ball then these ideas can really help.

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  1. Your content as of late is really helping my game, motivates me to get out and practice as well, keep it up bruhhh, thanks!

  2. Plane ideas I now think i get…
    However students and teachers concentrating on perfect plane's, i feel are trying to perfect their standard, repeatable shot, i think that has merit.
    You Mark are really talking about practising and shaping shots, to be useful around the course, both have an equal merit.

    I've yet to get to course during a competition, and struggle to watch a broadcast, way too much chopping around players, and endless banal commentary.

    As for tour courses, variety is the spice as they say, mix up the holes and courses for that matter.
    I see a vast difference in the tour courses and the suburban ones I play (the rough is a huge difference)

  3. I get that "long drive" thing. But hey, Jordan actually has one of the lesser drives compared to a ton of his competitors.
    Truth is now a days 250+ carry is not that hard to achieve any more. Tech and all

  4. bombing drives is a skill, if you can do it better than someone else, then that is to your advantage.
    Great video by the way, never thought about shaping shots high and low, left and right like that before

  5. Bravo!! You provided the most exquisite discussion on the interconnection of three elements that the player controls. C'ya later, gotta get back to work on my swing…As for the answer to increasingly more distance, grow the rough making tighter fairways. Hitting a Bomb into the rough risks loss of spin control producing a tougher putt.

  6. Doesn't matter. All that has to happen is the ball going down the middle. All a good ball strikers game.

  7. Courses like Harbor Town are great. But just like the long/anchoring putter debacle, the guys that drive the ball the longest are not winning every tournament. Every week I listen to the announcers say "Jason Kokrak just pounded that 375", but he didn't win did he? The rise of DJ did not happen solely because of long driving, he has been hitting it long forever, it was only when he sharpened his wedge game and putting up did he get to number one.

  8. How to release the golf club:  You have to be a)coming down on it; b)sweeping; and c)not topping iiiiiiiitttttt.  Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy, who would have guessed….

  9. Can someone explain to me why we're discussing punishing long hitters? I guess the NBA should lower the rim so the taller players don't have the advantage of dunking anymore. The MLB should bring the fences in closer so more players can hit home runs easier. Why are people so butt hurt at other player's god given abilities? Or is Ian Poulter just a crybaby…… oops….

  10. Yep always thought they should make the courses more about skill than distance, punish people for hitting the ball off line and reward those who skilfully navigate

    It would be interesting to see who the top 5 in the world would be when skill comes into play over distance

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