Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about releasing the golf club and how to get the most from your driver swing. Learn how to stop slicing your driver with these simple golf tips from PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Letting the golf club go for the perfect release for golfers who struggle with club face control might just be the answer for your golf swing.

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  1. I love the race to Dubai as I live here. So for me I look forward to it all year. It’s also free so get to see the best players in the world for nothing 😀. And you get so so much closer to the players than at the open in the uk. Point here being that some events are only relevant to the people who can get to them. Cheers bra.

  2. Great vid as usual. Not that interested in the Dubai stuff BUT if they called it a 'Game that's not a game', that would be far more interesting.
    Keep up the good work

  3. Mark… The race to Dubai and players championship are boring! It is the same all season… How about the top 32 players play match play in this final tournament… 1 vs. 32, 2 vs. 31 etc. winner takes all! Could spice it up bruh!

  4. From the US. Liked the FEDEX cup, but don't know about Dubai, we don't get much coverage… I like the match play idea from the top 32 or so… that would be fun!!

  5. That is really going to help me. I always thought of that move as closing the face and was afraid of a hook, but that makes loads of sense. Thanks, Bruh.

  6. This is brilliant… been struggling with this all summer. Gone into my saved videos to watch again when next out at the range

  7. I don't see what's wrong with having a face open to path. IMO you normally offer great advice but this is something I don't agree with… all of the top ball strikers have what is known as the drive hold release the key to playing good golf is keeping the club face square for as long as possible.

  8. I live in Dubai and love the race to Dubai tournament, free to enter, great field, party style live bands every evening after the golf, great social event… great golf

  9. Hi Mark I am going to try these. I play off 8 hit a draw with my irons but block or block fade my driver & 3wood. Which is getting worse tried other ways to bodge problem. Will definitely try. I will let you know how I get on.

  10. The race to Zzzzzz? What's that then?
    (For those of u who don't understand the concept of humour-and there are alot of u-i do know what it is)