How to Replace Golf Club Grips – Be Your Own Handyman @ Home

How to Replace Golf Club Grips – Be Your Own Handyman @ Home. In this DIY tutorial, I demonstrate how easy it is to replace grips on golf clubs. Are your golf club grips looking tired and old? Just replace them. It’s not hard! Like, share & subscribe!! Thank you and visit my channel for more DIY and other entertaining videos:

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  1. Thanks for the video. Two questions – (1) How long should you wait before testing the club, and (2) any tips on aligning the grip with the club face?

  2. just cut a nerve in my hand trying to change grip you used the wrong tool to get grips of and if you watch video again you nearly slipped you have to get a hooked blade that is so much safer and its what golf shops use hope this helped

  3. hi thanks maybe for the inexperienced I bought one with hook and it was great just don't want any fellow golfer to get injured I did enjoy your video nice work

  4. thats such a pain, I just bought older clubs and they gave me a blister the first day i used them, i want to regrip my driver, 3 through 9 iron and my pitching and sand wedges.