How To Rotate The Golf Swing: Simple Tips And Drills For A Consistent Golf Swing

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For a consistent golf swing we want the hands and arms moving in sequence with the rotation of the upper torso. We want to move together as one unit until the left arm gets parallel to the ground–at that point the swing’s momentum will keep the hands and arms on plane. This first part of the golf swing is crucial to staying in sync.

You can feel this with the first drill of rotation with hands on hips and then simple letting the arms raise.

We then want to use the engine of the golf swing which is the sternum If you rotate this the golf swing just sort of happens in a way. And the simple golf drill with the thumb on the sternum will give you that golf swing sensation of more rotation.

Couple that with ensuring the weight of the club flows to improve golf swing tempo and timing and turning the toes out at address… All of these will help you feel a easier golf swing even if you are senior golfer.

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  1. Hi Alex, just wanted to thank you for your recent videos. Been using your full rotation drills together with the baseball swing at 60% drill. Simply fantastic, strike is becoming more consistent, increased peak height, more spin to hold the green and I can now control my driver. All this for less effort and now feeling more confident in my ability. Kindest regards