HOW TO SET UP TO THE GOLF BALL with Mark Crossfield golf professional. Mark Talks about setting up for a golf swing and how to get the most from your golf game with simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills. Ball position is a common question Mark gets asked and in this FREE golf video he attempts to answer this on going golf question about set up and the golf swing.

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  1. Great video, perhaps the most informative I´ve seen on this. I rarely think about ball position in terms of relation to lie unless it´s in the long stuff or teeing up, the shot you played with the 6 iron from a fluffy lie or a 7 iron from a tighter lie to get over the reeds is the kind of situation most of us find ourselves in from time to time. Excellent stuff.

  2. Hi Mark

    Have you ever hit every full shot from a rear foot ball position, driver too? It’s called channel lock. Different setup to traditional golf.

    1atomicgolf and mmigolf teach it.

    I’m getting the hang of it. It’s pretty good, not easy to learn, but I think it’s easier than traditional.


  3. more videos like this! Love the tips and ideas from different lies and positions and what we could do to get the ball going. Like the wedge from the rough for example.. I wouldnt have thought to try to drive the club down into the back of the ball instead of my normal "sweep." Thanks Mark!

  4. Funktastic Mark!!! Another way to "play" at the range. You're so right about playing with what the lie gives you…and it's something I need to experience more. It makes such a huge difference when I play with players who have been doing it longer than I have. It makes the game so interesting as well.

  5. May surprise people but I think this is one of the best videos you have ever made… real golf and I see loads of people getting it wrong…. me in the rough for one 👌

  6. the worse the lie (ie the more I want to make sure I hit the ball first) the further back it goes 🙂

  7. Yes buddy. Great vlog. Only been playing a short time and never thought of trying this. Will be giving it a go this weekend. Thanks and keep up the great work. 😁🏌️‍♂️

  8. Best video yet Mark. Maybe your daughter getting involved in this game has taught you to get your knowledge into lamen terms for the likes of me. Thumbs up bruh

  9. You're going to move it based on the stance and lie that you're presented with. After that, it'll be you trying to create a shot. IMHO

  10. Great explanation as always love the content. Will definitely be playing with these ideas. Play is such a better word than practice, this shouldn't be a chore it should be fun!

  11. I don't think the club path changes based on ball position as much as the affect it has on face angle. This would be for small ball position changes and won't apply if you move the ball more than a few inches. This is what I've noticed in my play and with my swing. Your results may, and probably will, vary. JM2C

  12. I notice that most of your divots go left, but your last shot on this vid, your divot went right. What shot shape was that?

  13. Nice vid, presented very well; making subtle ball position on the course is real golf. I believe that a lot of golfers also angle their shaft handle too far forward, but your vid shows that this is not necessary, just make your normal swing…

  14. Back stance for a stinger or staying under obstruction i.e. Tree or something. Front stance to get higher over an obstruction. AND IF YOUR DAN just go under everything no matter what. GET UP DAN!!!!!!

  15. Very good video Mark not enough teaching pros work on the ball set up,when I’ve had lessons he always seems obsessed with arms getting in right position and not working on hip turn and rotation through to finish..your video on ball position in different situations is excellent and very easy to replicate.. cheers Bro keep up these easy to follow videos..🏌️‍♂️😊🏌️‍♂️

  16. In all the golf I have watched. In the few lessons I have had and with all the players I have played with not one has ever mentioned moving ball position for a particular shot. Something juicy to take the range and go on the course with.

  17. my guess is that the ground isnt flat brah? ball position might help you control dynamic loft when you get on the course with slopes etc?

  18. good vlog mark with some great advice but what i find strange and you do this yourself as well . when people move the ball forward in their stance and back in their stance ,they do this along the ball target line and we get taught this as well . but if the club is swinging on an arc should we be moving the ball forwards and back on this arc we swing the club on. would appreciate your thoughts on this bro .

  19. I actually had a bad slice with my driver and noticed that I was teeing the ball almost in front of my left foot. I've since changed the setup, I no longer focus on ball position, I'm just interested in keeping the ball inside that left foot (a little or a lot, it doesn't matter) and combine that with a more in to out swing. I can't anything other that straight 👍💪😊

  20. Love the videos and ideas and how you explore them. Makes us ALL think about what we are doing. I too like to explore ideas, and one thing (unrelated) is above in the video description it says "Ball position is a common question Mark gets asked and in this FREE golf video he attempts……) Free is capitalised, is there a point to that? or have we (the public) done something to………..