How to setup for Stack & Tilt golf swing | Golf Tips | Lesson 10

The setup for the golf swing is important especially the Stack & Tilt golf swing. There are some important keys including the grip, position of the weight, the hands, the feet and the knees to help you constantly hit the golf ball.

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  1. I don't understand how opening the club face promotes a draw — that goes against the grain of everything we took for granted. We must assume you have an in to out swing path and if so is that a characteristic of s&t or you as an individual?
    Great videos btw, I've subscribed which is something I rarely do. I'm hoping to use s&t for irons only because I'm fairly happy with driver and it's too mental to even try and change it.

  2. Thanks Nick. I understand what you're saying and suggesting. I guess you are relying on the swing path to impart draw spin whereas out in the course if I wanted to bend one right to left I'd probably close the club face too. This of course explains why my draws are probably hooks and why you make golf videos and I just watch them…cheers.

  3. I have struggled with various swing methods for some time so when I came across your site two weeks ago I had a really good study of what you are teaching in stack and tilt, went and practiced the moves, played 2 games, shot 86 and 84, im 75 on a 16 handicap and have never hit the ball straighter consistently prior to this. Its spring time in New Zealand so many games to play this season.

  4. Best set-up explanation I've found thus far on the stack and tilt set-up. I'm am playing my best golf ever but needed clarification on whether or not my top half leaned forward or does my hips simply bump a little to the left. I only struggled with that question when hitting long irons, but my short irons and driver are spot on, I perform the hip bump instinctively. Now I just need to find a few videos referencing Stack and Tilt "short game" tips. Kudos!

  5. Best , most SIMPLE set up yet. too many trying to look like Oosthuizen, NICKLAUS wasn't Chin up. & I ain't seen better than him. Regards John.

  6. Great video Nick, thank you. Quick question in regards to alignment. Do your shoulders end up slightly closed at setup? I know you line up fairly parallel to the target line, but when I setup with my hands and weight forward, coupled with opening the club face, I get the sensation of having my shoulders slightly closed. It also feels like it helps me to get that path going to the right. Any thoughts on this? Thank you again for the video and your time.

  7. Hello Nick, the line from the middle of of the shoulders and belt bucke then should be tilted to right a little bit, while eyes looking back to the ball?

  8. Excellent video's – tend to copy them on an email to self then they are all there.
    Have had trouble with Square to Square swing because this swing has runners block right leg does not suit my ageing body am 68. Have tried stack and tilt did not understand the method till I came across your channel. Feel that I understand the system which suits my body better thanks to your brilliant tuition. I am now hitting down on the ball with my irons which was my main problem. Will let you know how I get on am trying out on course Sun.
    Have monitored my divots which are after ball when trying out in practice. The ability to stay centered is the most important factor which this method facilitates more than any i have come across.

  9. Hey Nick, really enjoy your videos. I've read Plummer and Bennett's book and when they demonstrate tilting to the left with an iron they slightly tilt their upper body staying stacked over the golf ball. I've noticed you just slightly bump your hips forward and keep your upper body centered. Has the S&T pattern evolved over time or can both setups be applied?

  10. Great video, but I am still not sure why the club face is slightly open at address. Is that because you are coming from the inside on the swing so you don't want to hook the ball?

  11. also, does the weight that you have on your left or forward foot at address remain constant during the takeaway?

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