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  1. You could also use a medicine ball as well. If you did you wouldn't go steep the weight would make your hands fall. 🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️ Great Video once again👌👌

  2. Just taken this tip down to the range. What a difference , I’m finally hitting the back of the ball correctly.

  3. Very nice vid mate 👍 Really like the whole gears idea – so often it's easy to get a drill but impossible to carry it over to the swing, so that's a nice way of doing it.

  4. Alex, is the feeling of dropping the arms not just teaching another bad habit? Getting stuck . I know you do mention turning as well. Isn’t shallowing of the golf club a result of of your lower half making certain movements? I’m only pointing this out as years ago when I was learning the game I went from hitting over the top slices to blocks and hooks doing something similar. It’s especially hard to time if you have a decent amount of club head speed.

  5. The real key is to have a great leg action, if your lower body initiates the downswing it creates room for the upper body to follow on a nice inside path, the arms drop automatically. The secret is good leg action!

  6. Great video! This has been my problem my entire golfing career. Wish I could go to the range right now and work on this! Thanks for the video.

  7. Great video, thanks Alex! Well explained, the subtle dropping if the clubhead is what almost all the pros do and yet it gets little attention in tuition. Moreover, many teachers talk about allowing the hands to fall which can actually hurt – it is possible to drop the hands and actually steepen the shaft – this is exactly what i did for years and as you explain so well, it leads to compensations – interestingly Phil Mickelson actually swings a bit like this – it actually works well for short shots especially the short game because you can ‘cover’ the ball more easily – low and behold, who is the best short game player?! Mr Mickelson! Linked to how to make this all happen, Leadbetter A Swing actually is designed to help this happen (though i believe the book could use a discussion of the clubhead fall along the lines you describe!). Also, one comment below says legs are key to shallowing and i totally agree. A lot of players are too quiet in lower body, so to make all this work they must shallow AND move toward target too, if you flattening alone can lead to fat shots. Lastly, to actually learn to drop the head requires a breaking of the link that your brain has created on how to actually make contact, the link needs to be broken and recreated – it is hard because first thing we ever learn is to make contact and the brain doesn’t find it easy to ‘let go’ of this but it can be done! And as you say, it will feel like you are playing a whole new game! Very cool!

  8. I've not got time to explain matey !!! But your assumption that everyone gets to that position @ the top is a joke