How To Shallow The Golf Swing – Ulnar?

Golf Tip – How to shallow the golf swing Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to shallow the golf swing and shaft plane in the downswing,.He looks at ulnar deviation, wrist flection and pronation to see how it can help. Shallowing the golf swing will help stop slice shots and pull shots. Shallowing the club will also increase distance.


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  1. Thanks, coach! The real question would be, what happens naturally when you’re properly sequencing from bottom up? I love the “let the club drop” and follow body philosophy. So I have to be more mindful for flexion then?

  2. I personally forget the left wrist, and use my right wrist, trying to bend my knuckles to my forearm in transition, takes care of everything. Its changed my path, contact and flight all in one, for the good. Cheers for posting Al

  3. Thanks Al more great stuff there, I get a bit narrow at the top, so I might try adding a bit of ulnar at the range and see what difference it makes to my strike 🏌️‍♂️👍