This week on the Impact Show we’re on the Boditrak stand at the PGA Show demo day talking about weight shift. We discuss what you can learn from Justin Thomas’ golf swing, lets take charge of your game!

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  1. I just had a look at your graphics for JT, and I don’t think that I agree with your assessment of his impact position. I don’t think that he intentionally exerts pressure on his trail leg – for me he just gets airborne on his lead leg.
    With no weight on his lead leg and his right toe on the ground, the sensor shows the 90% plus weight on the trail side.
    That jump off the lead leg is a power move used by many longer hitters, including Bubba Watson.

  2. Surely you must be giving the wrong impression here. No doubt he has most of his pressure on his trail leg right after impact but only because his lead leg has pushed so much of his weight into mother earth that she is pushing back and in effect getting most of his weight airborne. Bet if you put a scale under him, he would weigh less than 30 pounds. Lots of pictures out there of long hitters getting almost airborne for a split second, so the distribution of weight between trail and lead leg surely must be meaningless if we don't know the actual weight being distributed.

  3. to think all last year I was trying to forget my baseball swing to get a golf swing for a driver… this year I'll go back to my baseball swing…. maybe I'll hit the driver. 47 yrs of baseball, 1 year of golf, easy to switch back. thanks

  4. From what I can see he doesn't push back at impact he pushes up. He may have 90% PRESSURE on the rear foot but not 90% of his body weight. He is almost on toes of both feet at impact which seems to indicate he has launched some what as a sprinter taking off from the blocks wood. Bit misleading but interesting either way you look at it

  5. Thats just wrong cause he drives his lower body and he rotates fast through the ball and if you see his belt buckle at impact his drives it up and around which gives him a grear attack angle and he clears left side so he can turn through the ball fast .

  6. How? On his transition into the downswing his right heel is off the deck. Looks like to me he's on his left side into impact. Can't have 90% weight on his right side on his toes.

  7. The best part of this video is your not wearing bright colors. When your both wearing matching bright colors, it does look rather peculiar to be polite.

  8. Great stuff as usual! Keeping it fun. Wish I had your channel to watch when I was a junior learning the game.

  9. I think this might solve a problem with my drive…. I feel like I move towards the target but it doesn't seem to cause me problems on my iron game

  10. I think if you show most people this and they work on it, they will be prone to “leaving their hands” behind as they swing which results in right blocks, maybe follow up with a video to show how to sync the arms with the shift.