Chris uses his BodiTrak mat to help show you a great drill that you can do to help you shift pressure better in your backswing for increased power and accuracy.

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  1. Very helpful and going to try the 4 o'clock drill.I'm one of those who turns their shoulders but don't create any pressure so struggle with shots

  2. Great drill. I think the biggest problem with most AMs, is the pressure shift turns into a sway. Staying centered over the ball is key. So the sway turns into a "quiet" arms swing.

  3. I'm heading to the range today and I'm going to give this a try. Great job on all your videos. I really enjoy them.

  4. Helpful video Chris, something I will build into my next practice session…like to see the weight transfer to the front foot, a part of the swing I struggle with.

  5. Fantastic! And, yes, please, more!!! Wedges, short-mid-long irons and, of course, with a driver! That's extremely useful.