Chris Ryan looks at the topic of pressure and describes how to shift your pressure correctly in the golf swing.

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  1. I tend to start my bad shots with my arms first as opposed to my body do you have and drills to try and change this

  2. Chris – Would this fault you highlighted here have a tendency to cause toe strikes with the driver?

  3. Love your instruction.  Concise and insightful.  Everyone is taking about pressure shift but I have heard no one describe where the 'centers' should be as you have done here.   A suggestion:  When giving instruction such as this one with an iron, it would be nice if you could at least briefly comment/contrast anything that would be different with a Driver.   Again, I think you are the best instructor on the Web.

  4. Hi Chris, thank you for all of the solid FREE instruction. I tend to get my "upper centre" ahead on the pressure shift and end up hitting 6-8* down with irons and 2-4* left. This video has helped me understand my issue more even though you described it for a golfer whose upper centre falls behind lower on the pressure shift