How To Start The Golf Downswing Correctly

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  1. Wow! If people pay attention to this entire video until the end they will learn how to start the downswing correctly! You nailed it Adam. Can't thank you enough! Brilliant!!!

  2. Thanks Adam, the club throwing exercise nails the point precisely, too many golfers, me included concentrate on the ball rather than the line of the downswing, thanks so much for this video, excellent as always..

  3. Focusing on swinging through the ball out to the target feels great. Definitely a better sense of shallowing, rotation and sweeping through the ball rather than down at it. Great video.

  4. Hi Adam, only recently found your videos and have been binge watching them. do you have any videos on exercises/stretches/routines on getting a better rotation. i find I can only rotate just past horizontal before my lead arm wants to bend (bricklayers back) on my back swing. thanks for any advice and keep up the great work 🙂

  5. the way you explain the small things that are so critical in the golf swing is absolutely brilliant. Make such good sense of the detail.make it so easy for us to take out and start executing. Thanks Adam, a joy to watch.

  6. Dear Adam, your videos are just INCREDIBLE. Like previous comments, the way you explain the small but so critical details (lag, hip turn, etc.) and their corresponding excess to avoid are a true value to me (4years of golf, improved from 90 to below 80 in a few rounds :). Thanks so much.
    Now quick question please : Is it possible to strike big ball "too much" past little ball (and top it) if great hip turn combined with a lot of responsiveness in the wrists for lag ? It occurred a couple of times when having very good feels about this too elements. A little less hip slide with still soft wrists and solid strikes back again. Thanks in advance for your answer. Very Best regards.

  7. Thanks Adam. Best tuition videos around, just easy to relate to. I like it when you emphasis that we have to go and practice and find our own way of making it work.which it does.

  8. Great Instruction,Do you have any instructions for golf ball position for short, long irons and woods? I practice in the range with different positions and getting confused which way should I go with positioning the ball. Thank you for your videos, very useful.

  9. Adam,
    Thanks for another great video. I always find your content top notch. I hope I can learn from this video because my attack angle is -11°. Obviously I am ball focused and my divots are comparable to graves. My launch angles are all to low. Thanks again for the video

  10. Super video! I love the way you describe how to narrow the swing arc on the downswing. This creates the natural lag I have always not had. Without this, I have always released the club head early resulting in a closed club face/shot to the left. I played this morning with this downswing change and played great! Straighter and longer shots. Thanks Adam!

  11. thanks Adam, this video touched a few things i was working on lately, thanks a lot!! i went from hitting my PW from 115 yards to 135 with the whipping action on the hips.

  12. Good communicator and he's on target with his info, but I have no respect at all for his example using D.J. who is as close to trash as you can get being involved in a murder robbing houses and fencing stolen property and cocaine use and dope and DUI's, as well as bedding his pals wives on the tour when their back was turned. Just a rotten trash bag to represent anything to do with golf.

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