How to STEP into your SWING with Lee Deitrick, GSEM GOLF

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Lee DEITRICK (it is spelling wrong in video) Teaches at Rancho Duarte Golf Course in Duarte and Mid Hill Golf Center in Corona. Contact him at

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It is an 8 video series about creating your best golf swing and making it more powerful and consistent than you ever thought possible.

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  1. BBG with all the different golf instruction and instructors its gone be hard to get to a permanent setup gettin to confussing i think all the instructors got there own idea's its better to get agood setup snd improve on that get confident in your own swing what is working mate and improve by practice

  2. Mike Austin swing = step and throw. have a talk with MA teacher Steve Pratt he's in California.
    The MA swing recommends throwing from the top, seems to suit your impulse

  3. Your Happy Gilmore swing was PERFECT and seemed to have more club head speed then I've ever seen with you and GREAT contact with the baseball step drill…

  4. One of the best content videos for a while Brendan, great stuff. Really enjoy the videos when you visit different teachers. I think this video especially will help a ton of people with transition

  5. Brendon – have to say this is a video that will really help a lot of people with golf swing sequencing & over the top stuff with the push pull problems . It's really good stuff to listen how the Pro's have moved on in swing methods and an explanation of why & how.
    Great video ……keep up the videos –
    more short game pls….

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