How To Stop Flipping Golf Club At Impact

This video is about how to stop flipping your golf club at impact. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.



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  1. I went through multiple coaches and none of them could get me to stop flipping. I then went to GolfTech where I was put in a high speed camera and chest harness. They found that the reason my left wrist and at times my left arm would break down, causing me to flip, is because my hips were not open and my left shoulder wasn't rotating through at impact. So my hands had no where to go; but the club head's momentum continued on resulting in it making a flipping motion. And because I still had a good follow through after impact, this issue was camouflaged. This is a problem that can't be seen by the naked eye by my previous coaches because it happens too fast. I'm now aware of needing to open my hips a lot more at impact. All my previous teachers tried to fix this issue with my hands and swing technique but the flipping continued on and at times made my swing worse. So if you are suffering from this problem, film yourself in slow motion and seee if you've got your hips "very" wide open at impact. If not, then this is your cause. Your left arm needs left side clearance in order to continue through. GolfTech showed me a lot of great number of videos where the pros' hips are wide open at impact. The more clearance the better. You have to learn to fire at the hips first and everything follows. I finally have developed a nice shaft leaning position at impact. After years of frustration. Hitting a bag like Adam is doing here helped me a lot too.

  2. This is the biggest issue with my game. I struggle making solid contact and when I do strike it decent, it's usually a high ball flight and lacks distance. I believe it is a combination of my weak grip and lack of hip rotation. Great video, hopefully your tips will help me overcome this infuriating problem.

  3. I think my flip might be caused by shifting my hips towards the target too early in the swing. How can I rectify this? It feels unnatural to just stop shifting weight!

  4. But then why do we need a follow through at all? How does that movement you've shown link to follow through?

  5. Hello Adam, please suggest on the flw situation: i have a certain side angle b/w the left wrist and the shaft, and when i lean the shaft forward with a left shoulder a little bit opening at impact, i foind the the club face is open, so some suggested to grip abt 15degree to the left for compensation with that. Now at setup, without this, i ma trying moving the handle in all directions and see the face will change correspondingly. So strungling so far!

  6. Is this also true for a driver? I always had this image in my mind that I had to 'close' the club head in the lower half of the swing – this is actually the swing thought I have during the downswing. is this flipping??