So many golfers struggle with releasing the golf club early in the down swing and flipping the club head past the hands.

In this video Chris Ryan shows you an exercise which could explain just why this happens in your golf swing, and therefore the correct fix to apply in order to better your impact.

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  1. When I think of flipping I think of rotating the club face counterclockwise during the swing. Is that what you are talking about?

  2. Great! Thanks for your expert advice which helps confirm my excessive closed club face is legitimate in my attempt to facilitate the club lean and cure my flipping of the club head.

  3. Best YouTube golf coach I’ve come across, you have a way of explaining things that just click with me more then other coaches I’ve seen. Great vid keep up the good work

  4. Another great video! Can I please request a video on the subject of how you on the course awaken the lower body before a swing. When I’m on the range or home at the net I seem to move through the ball and onto the left lead foot. However, when I’m playing in comps, my lower body goes to sleep and I forget or am afraid to initiate the downswing with the lower half and this results sometimes in turning the upper body too fast leaving my feet plastered to the ground and shots that are fat or pulls to the left. Cheers Bre

  5. Good work, Chris. Unfortunately we’ve got a lot of #teachers conflating supination with “flipping”. Problem is, many of these clowns don’t even know the difference.

  6. Thank you for the video. Hope I can ask you some clarification. I usually use a pretty strong grip in order not to actively bow the left wrist for closing the face because it's seems complicated and unnatural thinking about twisting the left forearm in the downswing to close the face with a natural grip. Unfortunately, I often end up with very little release of the wrist trying to push my hands ahead of the ball. This causes to me some pushes and push/slices with driver or low hooks with long irons. I'm a 18hcp. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance

  7. Question?, do you think a really weak left hand grip sets the pace for the open club face and in return the flip is established in order to get club head speed?

  8. Chris, is the flip due to a misunderstanding of the target? Our natural inclination is to hit AT the ball, rather than collecting the ball as we aim to 'throw' the club at the TARGET, and get maximum extension at about 45 degrees forward.

  9. Wow this is me to perfection, I started playing to hitting a draw, by starting with my clubface slightly open to target. Tendency to fan it open on the way back, and noticed I had this exact flip on video.

    I will be strengthening my grip and hitting the range to find that happy medium
    Between rotation and clubface! Thanks Chris! Always top notch instruction.

  10. So if you tend to hook the ball because of a closed face in the back and downswing, align the feet more left and rotate more through the shot to play a low fade?

  11. Thanks Chris. I’m trying to keep clubface aligned to spine angle at half way back so neither open or closed. A good thing?

  12. Hi, I tried this a lot during last season and I still can’t manage to stop flipping. When I film myself in slow motion on practice swings and feel like I look 6 feet in front of the ball, I get a pro looking release with shaft lean. Whenever there is a ball however I can’t get myself to not flip. This is really fristrating…

  13. Great video Chris. I have been trying this at the range along with the drill in the attached link video and this has help me massively. I have been hitting my irons far too high and losing vital distance as a result of flipping it. This is also forcing me to rotate my body more which I was all arms before in my downswing. Hitting that sweet point in the club face sounds so good. Cheers Chris 👍🏻