How To STOP SLIDING In The Golf Swing

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In this video, we’re going to show you how to stop the slide late in your downswing so you’ll have a more consistent golf swing and hit more pure golf shots!

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  1. Such awesome stuff guys as usual, thanks so much for putting your stuff out there, and inspiring me to do the same on my channel. Great job and can't wait to keep hearing more!

  2. This is not one of my (many) faults, but I like the way you both explained and demonstrated the issue. Good teaching.

  3. love the 3d golfer to use to show your point and you explain things in such an easy format to follow

  4. Watching this and combining it with yesterday's driver video made me realize my head is sliding backwards in the backswing. Not hips, but flat turn. That is what was giving me all kinds of inconsistencies and now I have something to work on. Thanks a lot.

  5. I need to practice the hell out of this.   thanks for making this as it specifically talks about that lower drive making the head fall back.   killer move.

  6. You don’t have enough lateral movement earlier enough = “Light bulb moment”. Wow. Thanks guys! 🙏🏾

  7. This may be more personal or cause and effect, but I feel ball position (closer or further away from my body) contributes to sliding quite a bit. I find a lot of times, I progressively get further from the ball – in return having to slide just to maintain contact. To close and I hang back, and play wipe cuts. Gaining a consistent setup will give you more consistency, and allow what your working on to deliver successful results.

  8. You guys learned me the term; lateral movement, for about a year ago with an avatar golfer. I showed it to my fantastic coach, witch isn't the only time, and that changed everything :-))