How to Swing a Golf Club to Maintain It’s Weight and Force with Mike Malaska

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In this video 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, Mike Malaska provides an in depth lesson on the principles of force when you are swinging a driver and how to correctly “steer” the club to powerful transfer of energy through the golf ball.

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  1. great great tips …my irons shots are straighter. ..and push right started disappearing ! Mike Thank you very much…..from singapore

  2. Great tip. For anyone who thinks this doesn't make sense. Take your time and really listen to what he is saying. This is a very profound piece of advice(it is probably over your head). He talks a lot about left arm rotation after impact and this move works perfectly with that. An easier way to understand this move is letting your hands start rotating earlier than you think from the top. It only works if you make sure to supinate your left arm through impact(if not you will have wild misses). This man is a true expert. Don't discredit what he says because you don't understand it. You don't understand it because it is beyond your current grasp and that doesn't make it wrong.

  3. Great advice for people who tend to get stuck or are under plane. Not so much for people who tend to get steep

  4. This guy is talking about the location and direction of body forces instead of the location
    and direction of the golf club. This is a major improvement.

  5. Found the drill excellent as i get the club stuck behind me and had a eureka moment with your explanation of release, never struck the ball better.Best advice i have ever had.Thank you

  6. Malaska is the real deal. Look up his Look Cool Drill for the simplest explanation of how to hit a golf ball.

  7. Mr.Malaska is not going over the top because his trailing shoulder is not moving forward from the top, it is moving down, he also points this out in other videos. ……the biggest thing to take from this video is why he starts the downswing with the hands and handle coming down and inside of club. I've found it a great help in correcting my game, the biggest benefit being that it helps you to get down to a correct impact position earlier, giving you more time to avoid flipping. I also like the fact that it still allows you to choose which wrist action you want to execute, I.e. roll Hogan style, or wrist extension.
    Thanks very much Mr. Malaska

  8. Mike..
    Outstanding video and description.
    Here is Watson in 1992 saying what you are saying, but in a different way……

    check it out…