This weeks impact show looks at 4 common moves of a tour pro that they make in their golf swing and shows how you can get closer to replicating these moves


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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  1. I'm struggling to get height on my drives any advice. I hit it 225 and I'm 15 so it's not bad but I hit it really low and sometimes that leads to me striking down on the ball which is not something I enjoy doing with my driver

  2. i am a 16 year old golfer and I have hcp 4. my goal is to be a professional golfer but I need help to get more consistentith my shots so I can develop my game!! I would love a swing analysis!! BTW I LOVE YOUR GUYS CONTENT AND I LEARN KNEW THINGS IN EVERY VIDEO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  3. Brilliant video as always…My shoulders 'shrug' at contact, what could be causing this other than standing too close to the ball?

  4. Really good stuff. Keep it simple. I'm thinking another good impact show could be on the shoulders as well. Especially what the shoulders should be doing when trying to hit up on the driver. Besides driver vids are always popular ????. Oh yeah, and anything with Trackman.

  5. Cool…gonna set up the net and buy some alignment sticks. Great practical drill for helping me know that "shallowing" feeling. Thanks!

  6. Hey guys quick question. I have moved the ball up to my left big toe and I'm still constantly hitting an aggressive fade, where most of the time I'm usually OB to the right side of the course. I've tried everything to fix it watched all the videos gone out to the range and it helps but I still can never get it to straighten out. Also, the thing that makes no sense is I hit my irons great is there anything else I can do to help my problem?

  7. I have an issue with my iron shots, I cannot take a divet so I'm not getting consistent shots from the ground but off a tee I get amazing shots, any tips on being able to really drive the iron down and connect with the ball aswell as the ground ?

  8. Definitely a good feeling when you start to understand how to shallow and get lag. Just started hitting me this week. Don't rush the downswing, use the ground, and use that transition move you guys discuss. Hands, wrists and arms need to be loose and even create more angle in transition. Thats the delay. Feels like I'm swinging with my legs and arms are just following. I was was too rushed, swinging with my arms, you gotta get that separation. And if I wanna hit a draw I just let the clubhead fall a bit more in transition which is way better at creating an in to out path than trying to swing in to out. Only problem I'm having is either I hang back a bit much and thin it, I'm guessing there is minimal shaft lean or I dig to compensate. Something I need to work on. Thanks though guys, all the videos are starting to make more sense! Almost hit my 7 iron 180 the other day! 20 yards more than usual. Such a great feeling.