In this week’s Impact Show we’re taking a look at Tiger Wood’s golf swing and discussing exactly what you can learn and take into your own swing. Let’s take charge of your game!

Grand Del Mar:



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  1. How to swing Like Tiger:

    step 1. swing really hard.

    step 2. plant your lead foot and use the longest spikes you can find in order to lock your foot in place, not allowing your ankle or knee to dynamically re position itself and relieve torsional stress.

    step 3. continue step 1 and 2 until you fracture your tibia, fibula or both. The pain in your leg should cause you to compensate with you posture, giving you severe back problems…

    Step 4. Congratulations, you now swing like Tiger.

  2. Would it be easier to go ahead and rotate your head slightly when you setup and before you take the club back?

  3. Just to confirm i didn’t wanna talk about Rory. I wanted to talk about tiger and the issues he can have with driver. This is because tigers my favourite player and the video was about tiger.
    Thank you for saying I’m annoying, i don’t know what I’m talking about though 👍🏼

  4. This year if he stays healthy I think he will win a PGA tour competition, not stay healthy then he'll retire from golf.

  5. Nice swing analysis guys. Great to see that iconic swing in slo-mo accompanied by good commentary. Good points about head movement and rotation, really makes a difference in the follow through as well to keep shoulders rotating, the head has to follow the ball at some point or you'll put a load of stress on the neck. I hope to see Tiger play well however with the competition out there now I can't imagine a major win and be really surprised to see finishes in top 10 on PGA events more than a couple of times this year. Still, he adds an excitement to events, good for attendance/views and can be inspirational for younger players (and older ones too!).

  6. Great video as always. When turning the head are you still looking at the ball? This is the part I find the most difficult in achieving a full turn. Thanks.

  7. How to swing like Tiger:

    Step 1: Be born with incredible talent and physical power.

    Step 2: Hit 1000 balls a day, 365 days a year, from when you're 3 years old.

    Step 3: Profit.

    Can't do steps 1 or 2? Tough shit, you're not gonna swing like Tiger …

  8. Tiger doesnt “shift” all his weight to the front leg before or at impact, thats why his front foot “spin” out a bit, as his rotation axle is actually in the centre – more at his trail leg before impact.
    Andy said the trail foot needs to push to the left(front) side to aid at weight transfering at 14:45, this is misleading. The trail foot is the rotational point before impact so there is a lot of weight on this foot if you look closely at Tiger’s swing.

  9. Also rapid “closing” of hands at impact will definitely cause alot of inconsistency. Ideally the hands should be fairly stable through impact. Slices are caused by swing plane issues and cannot be cured by rolling/flipping hands.

  10. Did you guys relocate to So Cal for just there for the winter? Wise choice to get to warmer weather this winter