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  1. I improved from a 7.8 to a 5.1 handicap. Thats a huge improvement for me. Playing a blade me concentrate more because I want to hit the sweet spot. I did a experiment a month ago and left my MP5 home and took my Ping G5 cavity back, setup I use to play and was fitted for. I shot 8 strokes worse on a course I just played with my MP5'S. I found ball speed off the face was better than my last set of ping S56 irons. Distance about the same but the feel is so different.
    I hope you enjoyed the quiet house Mark. I had 2 days this weekend and golfed twice.

  2. I think your the only reviewer who didn't discourage blade use or at least to try blades. The way everyone else talks about them you would think you could catch an STD just looking at a blade.I guess I better wear protection when I go and check out the MP-18 line

  3. I swapped ap1's for Mizuno mp64's and have never looked back. Lost half a club but that had more to do with traditional lofts than any Tech in my opinion. The blades have definately made me a much better player. In the beginning, having a club that could manipulate trajectory and shot shape hurt my score but that quickly changed as I learned how to control them. And having the ability to shape the ball is a massive advantage now. Also, they perform miles better out of the rough thanks to their smaller head size. If you're slightly fat or slightly thin you'll come up short…. Maybe a smidge shorter than a GI. But short is short. The trade off is consistent shot distances, better descent angles thanks to increased spin, and extra spin and holding power on greens. I try to explain that a 10% increase of spin at impact is huge. You're backspin bleeds off as your ball travels through the air…. That extra 500 revs could be the difference. With club a you have 200rpm left and with club b you have 700. Suddenly that 10% just turned into a 350% difference at the other end. (I don't actually know how much backspin is left over… It'd be cool to know. I wonder if any of the sims punch out that data. We push impact numbers without explaining how that affects our ball down range

  4. When I was playing regularly, like 2 to 3 times a week I was playing blades. I think they helped me so much, I felt a miss more and made me feel where I was going wrong. I'm playing Ap2 now as I play less. But I could totally play blades and will again.

  5. I've been playing for 1 year now, 21 hcp, recently bought a set of MP67 which are 1.5' longer (I'm 6'4). It's a whole new skill set to learn, but the feedback you get from the blade is so much more. Best decision I think for a newbie with commitment. PS, I'd love to see a video on the path of the right shoulder through impact and how it relates to 'over the top'. I 'feel' like I have to 'dive' the right shoulder to get through the ball. Cheers

  6. Play GI irons right now and really like them, but if I was going to switch it would be to players irons. No blades for me. Just don't have the game in my opinion and would prefer the help on mishits. As the old expressions goes, play as much help as you can stand to look at.

  7. Wedges….I have 2 gap wedges 58 and 65…..and love em….but do I r e a l l y need them? My ping is used from 110 to 20 yards….not always successful though but are gap wedges just a commercial advert?

  8. That "Gorgeous Curls curl taming cream" seems a bit optimistic at this point in your life Mark.

  9. My only reason not to buy blades is how much of a twat I'd feel if I was having an off day and couldn't strike them. Also if you turn up to a fitting and request blades as a non nearly-scratch golfer the fitter doesn't exactly seem keen to fit you into them.

  10. I switched from off-the-rack Ping G2's to custom fitted 716MB (9-7) & 716AP2 (6-3 irons) and could not be happier. In my case, I found the stereotype of the difficulty of blades to be totally untrue. I get out of them what I put in and to me that quickly built a strong level of confidence because the communication I get from the club is completely transparent and allows me to adjust immediately for the next swing and continuously improve.

  11. I started with Ben Hogan apex edge pro's and loved them until I picked up a set of 1984 Hogan apex PC blades in very playable shape off eBay. I will never go back to cavity backs. I didn't lose any distance or consistency. A bad shot is a bad is a bad shot. But I gained that sweetness feeling you only get with a quality forged blade such as a Hogan or Mizuno. I also find these PC's to be way more accurate and straight when I do swing correctly and make good contact. Love blades. And I'm not very good yet, only been playing seriously for about 2 years, probably honesty scoring in the high 90's at the moment. But the irons aren't my weakness. Mine is the tee box and 75 yds in. Don't be afraid to try blades if you are at least decent at making good contact with an iron. You might find you've been missing out!

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