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How To Test Golf Clubs AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield answers more questions from views talking about club testing and trackman. Improve your golf game with Mark Crossfield PGA professional with both his popular YouTube golf channels.

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  1. Iron biron will give a more accurate comparison to determine small differences in performance, but I think I speak for the majority when I say we enjoy hearing the human element of your reviews. Because you have much more experience in testing clubs than many golfers you are able to identify smaller differences in clubs than most as well.

  2. Hi Mark,

    New question How do you know when practicing that your swing/or drill is correct without a video camera by this I mean from quote "its not what you feel and what is real"
    Loving the app & videos cheers Pete

  3. Glad I watched on after the first video… Nearly closed it haha more great videos thanks mark!

  4. had a club which had best machine testing results and I hit it very bad because of the feeling so I agree you have to test it by humans!! Also the feeling is more important to me than the distance because to me it´s equal if my ball flies 5 yards more or less