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Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about fitting or testing golf equipment and how to get the best out of it. Lots of golfers are buying new equipment every year and Mark talks about what he looks for in new golf drivers, irons and wedges and how you could choose the best golf clubs for your golf game. May it be Callaway, Mizuno, TaylorMade,Ping or another brand.

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  1. I think you should also take into account the courses and conditions your going to play in. If your testing the clubs and your smashing them way high and way long, but the course you play on mostly, is a Links one where your always fighting against the wind. Would you want this type of flight?

    Trying to hit a low wind killer with a super jacked trampoline faced iron, is just adding a huge amount of extra complexity to your game. I think it's the same with distance control, the more the arc your hitting the shot on the more difficult it feels to judge the distance.

    If every chip you played on the course had to be your highest Flop shot, your chances of continuously nailing these shot's would be low. It's not just about getting the ball up, it's trying to drop it exactly where you want it. It's difficult to calculate the extra height against the distance.

    So if you buy irons that just go mega high and mega long are you adding in this kind of extra complexity when trying to hit a green?

  2. Solheim cup was amazing! Lexi and Anna match was crazy good! Loads of sportsmanship. Love watching ladies tours.

  3. Ladies golf has an opportunity to showcase alternative formats , they should go for it ! Like watching it enjoyed the Solhiem cup but it's not the best players in the world though which is a pity !

  4. I thought the cup was great, amazing to see lexi on her back 9!
    I also played well this weekend, finally broke 100!.. stiff now though after my 2 weeks off in Florida too…. saw you in Kennedy by the way!.. too star struck to shout #breakup!

  5. The ladies are not entertaining. Boring golf courses and to short distances. Especially the European ladies are not even close to the asian and us ladies. I have seen 3-4 fairway bunker shots at the solheim cup. What for useless golf courses

  6. I enjoy watching good golf it doesn't matter what course it's on or what gender is playing it. I like watching players who are far better than I probably will ever be and trying to see how they work stuff out.

  7. Women's golf is easy to watch as they have similar swing speeds as us amateurs and we can learn more. I hate when the caddie stands behind the player and corrects their aim.

  8. The LPGA has a great product and they are great players…They hit the ball as long or longer than most club players…

  9. I actually enjoy watching the LPGA over the PGA Tour any day…..if they're on TV that is. Unfortunately, sports broadcasting is still a male dominated industry. I enjoyed watching the last day of the Solheim Cup – the Anna v Lexi match was professional golf at its best! However, if golf is going to grow, we need to start including non-American & non-European teams in competition. For example, the Solheim Cup should include an Asian team, especially considering how big women's golf is in South Korea and Japan.

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