This video discusses how to transfer weight in your golf swing.

We start by discussing how to transfer weight correctly going into the backswing. Ensuring a proper transfer without sliding or swaying.

I discuss where your weight should be at the top of your backswing and how to correctly shift your weight into your lead leg coming into the downswing position.

I go into detail about three tip areas which will help you feel how to transfer your weight in your downswing and offer three drills to help you feel and understand how to get in the correct position coming into the downswing.

I then spend time showing you three moves that Professional golfers do to help them hit the golf ball far by creating the correct weight transfer in the backswing and the athletic weight transfer coming into the downswing.

This video will hopefully answer all questions you have about weight transfer in the golf swing. Im sure with the drills and understanding from the professional videos you will make a massive improvement to your game and start to answer the question as how to transfer weight in the golf swing.

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