How to turn for a better golf swing. In this weeks My Swing Analysis PGA Professionals Piers ward and Andy Proudman give one of their followers a great drill to help improve her body motion in the back swing to help get her more on plane.

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  1. Great drill.  Peter Finch had a great drill as well, but need to go find it.  I'm 6' 5" and fight to stop being too quick and getting steep.

  2. Hey guys, great website and youtube videos, just by watching some videos my driver putting and chipping have improved more in the last month, than it has in the last 5 years of me playing… I am a "weekend" golfer who just enjoys the game but still trying to get better, I am having difficulty with my long irons and hybrids,really having trouble making good solid contact often making a divit before the ball resulting in just a awful shot or not really going very far at all…i couldnt really find a video that talks about it, if you guys have any tips or ideas that would be great! keep up the good work!

  3. this drill with the thumb is great! I just did it and I am sure I do no such thing in my backswing. not sure how to initiate the downswing from the elbow over the knee position though, I feel quite stuck there.

  4. Watching your videos shows me that even though I'm a 4 handicap, swing 120 MPH, and hit 300+ yard drives, there are still so many things I do wrong. 

    You guys really know your stuff, and these swing analyses are excellent, and not just for the person that is being analyzed. They really can be helpful to everyone.

  5. hi I've watched your videos for a long time , i wanted to tell you guys are doing a great job but… i feel you guys should bring back the old background music you had before because it made me (and im sure others too) more excited to watch the video. The theme song now is alittle doll. #justsomefeedback #besttrainers

  6. Top tip thumb in the chest I do this drill everyday, even at work at the coffee machine. Good luck Cathy

  7. Sometimes but that changes when we are on the course.. keep up the good work you guys are getting better and better.. let me know if you need an assistant!!

  8. Hi guys great vid again . I do agree with Mike Owusu though but can i  just say, i've never heard of a theme song called "alittle doll" just joking mike . Can i be cheeky and suggest "Thats Entertainment" by The Jam. I think that would be cool.

  9. Hey Guys as usual great video and great content. I have heard of the clock analogy once before and the questions I had is, no one says the distance between 12 o clock and 1 o clock. So when watching the video what  I think is 1 o clock could be your 2 o clock. I love all your video's really rather than chasing perfect you speak about what will help the person.

  10. Her swing looks excellent. For someone playing their second season her swing has almost none of the characteristic faults most female golfers have. I bet she hits the ball really long.

  11. Thank you very much for the "thumb in the chest" drill. It is a super easy drill to do before a shot on the course, just to get / remember the feeling. A good side effect for me was that I dropped all other swing thoughts in my back swing. Just focused on the rotation.

  12. HI! I love your guys videos but I have been having a problem with getting laid off in my backswing. Any tips? 

  13. Can you help me please I am really struggling with my game in my last 3 round I can't break 80 and I've lost my confidence now what should I do ?

  14. Hi guys,
    Im currently working on few things in my swing, having gone from 17 to 12 last year. I know these things take time and plan to do a full year of practice with the range, flexibility excerises etc , My question is….should you practice these things during a normal round of golf? Regardless of how bad the scores can be. Even if its a Monthly Medal or round counting towards my handicap.
    Thanks Lads

  15. Quick question, is the reverse spine angle at the top of the backswing a problem when hitting iron shots too?

  16. It's easier to make a shoulder turn over your right leg when you're as thin as these guys. If you're 6' 5" and 270 like me, you can only go back so far before you come out of your spine angle at address and start topping it….lol  But I'm at least trying to get my left shoulder pointing at the ball on the back swing.

  17. So do you need to be actually on-plane on the downswing to hit a pure shot or is under-plane okay as well? Something I've always wondered.

  18. I struggled with my turning and was swinging over the top consistently. I worked it out by standing on the target line directly behind the ball so i had to hit the ball straight ahead of me. After hitting about 10 shots like this it clicked into place on a normal drive. It got rid of my slice, added about 40 yards and I can now hit really nice draw shots.

  19. Hey guys.

    I have been watching your videos for a while and i feel more confident in my golf, just a very quick question?. This drill in this video does it work for all clubs and at different lies ?, I mean literally after watching this video I tried it in my mirror front and side and I feel so much comfortable with my swing. So very quick can I use that drill with all my clubs ? Thank you guys happy golfing.

    Chris Hadgkiss