HOW TO USE THE GROUND IN YOUR GOLF SWING: This video explains the misconceptions about using the ground in the golf swing, and will enable you to maximise your speed through impact. People that grasp this concept and apply it in their swing will not only hit it farther, but will feel a new sense of stability through the ball.

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  1. Good video Van, might be worthwhile investing in a new microphone setup though in order to bring more viewers to your channel

  2. if you extend your left leg at impact…won't the lift the club off the ground just enough to hit it thin?

  3. Thanks Van for the tip. How would i prevent from topping ball if i feel like im jumping or pushing up? Which foot would help me feel that push off from the ground?

  4. Dramatic audio! That's a pitty because it seems that you are talking good stuff. Buy a good mic and you will have more views😏

  5. Just saw your sight today and love it! 67 yrs old and have read every book on golf and taken lessons from some of the best in golf. I play to around n 8 but, always looking to improve. Can’t wait to give some of your ideas a try. I’m sure they will be helpful, solid information n principles.Will keep you posted on my progress.

  6. Van Phillips Golf
    The golfers on the PGA Tour with the deepest squat with very bent legs in the squat seem to have a basket ball background eg Dustin Johnson and Gary Woodland, the jump movement pattern is highly trained in their nervous system it was in there deep with them as a resource that could be tapped into as a power source so they could get it into their swing. As a personal gym trainer if you have moderate jumping ability but overall good athletic ability and a good work ethic if you do a lot of gym work on the legs which includes a basket ball jump program how long do you think that raining would take before you have the jumping ability to get into and out of a deep Dustin Johnson squat? I have noticed you have a pretty good squat in your golf swing which looks you worked on and needed as you are on the short side when compared to the average tour player so this is an area I feel you really looked into and trained. Can you go into the training you did to get that squat?